Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Both nations are committed to this endeavor, and the foreign service will play no small role in seeing it through. As of , an estimated 1. Testimony of Brett H. Testimony of Deputy Secretary John D.

Each time, crossing the border was much the same. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Living as I do on the border with Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the country often. With the liberation of Mosul underway as many as a million people could soon swell their ranks Gladstone. Center for American Progress, 26 July Once they return, they will need a host of other services:

The peace that continues to hold in Bosnia today suggests that intervention must take advantage of the unique strengths of diplomats and the military.

Lin Hongying, a year-old woman farmer, was beaten to death by police in Jiangsu. The involvement of these powerful institutions and foreign governments is critical in forming a new state. Most IDPs lack sufficient access to health care; a cholera outbreak two years ago reached 15 of the 18 governorates Beyani 9.

Why was the U. The American government understands the impact of these problems on the traditionally friendly relationship between the US and Canada, acsa has already implemented numerous programs to help make border crossings both safer and easier.

Developed in conjunction with numerous agencies in both the US and Canada, prescreened travelers will be able to pass winnegs border crossings more easily, needing only to present a membership card and a declaration United States, Low Risk. These plans unite US and Canadian law enforcement and security agencies like never before, allowing for both the quick flow of information and heightened security in both countries.


Brookings Institution Press, Biao and Jia 2 April 3, I hope to lead our team in a bottom-up approach to development as well, making sure that we keep the stories of real people like Mary Ley at wniners forefronts of our minds and hearts.

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Lang, Hardin, and Muath Al Wari. Strategic Collaboration and Constructive Communication: The NEXUS program is currently in effect at only six border crossings, although it will be extended to all high traffic crossings by the end of United States, Low Risk.

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This displaced population has long posed a threat to American security Warrick Because he had no experience in the Middle East Fergusonit would have been prudent for him to consult with other senior officials. Without them, Iraqis are often denied state aid and face restrictions on their movement Hassin and Al-Juboori 9; Lead Inspector General By Decemberhowever, American intervention had halted the Bosnian War, rerouting the country from violence to peace.

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Accessed 10 April Basic Facts About Canada-U. Severe overcrowding is endemic and increases the risk of physical and wlnners violence Hassin and Al-Juboori 17; Beyani 1. Foreign Service employee stationed essaay Juba, South Sudan, I am confronted daily with the tragedy of lost human potential and the challenge of building a sustainable infrastructure from the ground up.


Our goal for the coming year is to grow that number through a strengthened and expanded FFIS. Sectarian violence is rife.

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Our embassy must winnrrs education a central part of our mission in South Sudan, reaching out to local leaders across the country and providing them with the support they need to build and maintain quality schools for their children.

Green China has already accused the U. The Case for Reforming the Interagency Process.

Living as I do on the border with Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the country often. With NEXUS, not only will frequent travelers have an easier time crossing the border, but US and Canadian customs officials can spend more time focusing on potential threats. The Making of America’s Bosnia Policy. Travel Between Canada and Other Countries. The Declaration has four pillars: This problem is illustrated at the border crossing in the small town of St.

Previous honorable mention recipients are eligible to enter. With a record 65 million displaced persons in the world—24 people a minute are displaced from their homes—success in Iraq could set a global example UNHCR, Global Trends 2.

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But the expanded security measures have not only deterred travelers.