Obtained results were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis to see the significance. Although there is currently no RDA for it, boron appears to be indispensable for healthy bone function, possibly because of its effects on reducing the excretion and absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. All the signs and symptoms were given scoring depending upon their severity to assess the effect of the treatment objectively. Vitamin D is synthesized when sunlight is absorbed by the skin and transforms 7-dehydrocholesterol into vitamin D3 cholecalciferol. Eight patients completed the treatment. They were treated with Majja Basti and Asthi Shrinkhala pulp capsule.

This is the first line of treatment of any disease and it is most important line of treatment for Asthi kshaya also. Out of 12 patients of osteoporosis selected Asthi—Majjakshaya , Also people with low calcium should never take strontium. Exclusion criteria Patients of age below 30 years and above 70 years. These patients have shown remarkable results in symptomatic relief from pain and stiffness after 16 days of administration of Majja Basti , and as a result they stopped wearing their cervical collar permanently. Calcium Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body.

Overall effect of therapy Marked improvement and mild improvement were found in astgi Criteria for diagnosis The criteria of diagnosis was based on the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis and osteopenia Asthi-Majjakshaya and relevant physical examination carried out. The Modern Medical Perspective.

Yoga vasti — Total of 8 enemas: A fatal dose in adults is 15 to 20 g and in children 3 to 6 g. All of these activities force the bones to work against gravity and are effective at increasing bone strength and quality. Interestingly, most of the published studies are with strontium ranelate, not the strontium carbonate form often used in supplements.


Shastri Kasinath, Chaturvedi Gorakhanath.

Moreover, it has been reported that Cissus quadrangularis extract is used as a dietary supplement or pharmaceutical composition. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Bone mineral density t-score: Today with the advent of the DEXA sca m n, T-scores and Z-scores, there is much controversy about what constitutes osteoporosis. Thus, Majjakshaya may take place after Asthikshaya as per the sathi principles of Anulomakshaya. Ibidem Charaka Samhita 8 Sneha Adhyaya.

Hence, an imbalance of Tridosa is seen. Traditionally used medicines for Asthi-majja khaya osteoporosis: The best approach to getting sufficient nutrients to build and maintain strong bones is to consistently make healthy, organic, whole food choices according to lshaya Prakriti constitution and the seasons, however it should be modified in almost all cases towards Vata-pacifying foods.

ayurvedic thesis on asthi kshaya

Stay away ayurvecic this. The samprapti involves vata prakopa spread in both the large intestine and asthi dhatu and sthanasamsraya relocation to majja dhatu.

In osteoporosis, menaquinone K2 has been shown to decrease the rate of bone loss at the lumbar spine and forearm and reduce the risk of fracture. Grade 3 — Cannot perform moderate activity but can perform mild activity without any difficulty. However, unlike dietary vitamin K, the clinical benefits of vitamin K2 supplementation have failed to show any significant benefit.

Asthi dhatu confers structure to the body and protects the vital organs. Fortunately, vitamin K is to a great extent recycled, which means that even the small amount that is present can be used by the body many times.


Hence, in the process of Kshaya, Majjakshaya also occurs.

The Ayurvedic Approach to Osteoporosis (Asthi-Majja Kashaya)

For example, if Pitta increases, then sweat and blood also increase. In our classical text books Asthi-majja kshaya is not actually named as a separate disease entity, but rather as one of several consequences which can emerge as a result of Dhatu-kshaya diminution of tissue.

I have extensively reviewed Panchakarma procedures in other articles and book chapters so will not elaborate here except to mention the supreme importance of basti karma therapeutic enemata and that Tikta Basti decoctions of bitter-tasting plants is indicated in osteoporosis. Removal of the cause s. Vata Dosha contributes largely for occurrence of Asthi related diseases because of unique relationship of Vata and Asthi.

Dietary sources of magnesium include nuts, whole grains, dark green vegetables, avocado, banana, soy, fish, meat, and legumes.

The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

Adults need about mg per day. For any disease, the causative factors described in Ayurveda can be classified ksahya four groups: Samtarpana is due to creating Margavarodha causing vitiation of Vata.

ayurvedic thesis on asthi kshaya

They are inversely related to each other.