Cultural aspects are usually very problematic for a translator who has to make a lot of well-thought out decisions how to render particular elements. This time it is a classic case of the application of this procedure as a SC element is solely replaced by an element from the target culture. According to Leppihalme The more distance exists between the two cultures the more difficult the task of the translator is. What is interesting, Newmark points out that this procedure can be conducted by literal translation thus this procedure can be treated only as an alteration of literal translation procedure.

Similarly, the reference to Stamford local Example 6 does not appear in the translated version. It requires from a translator deciding whether to retain the original reference or not what may in fact influence the perception of a whole. Madagascar is an example of an atypical animated film as its plot is set in non- fictional places New York and Madagascar. This specification consists of the categories and procedures applied strictly to this thesis thus it shall not be considered as a complete overview of categories of cultural aspects and translation procedures in general. This classification deals entirely with audiovisual translation which shall be described in the second chapter. Example 14 I just wanna dunk him in my coffee. It is usually spoken by a ticket controllers of public transport.

Probably for that reason, the reference was omitted and the Polish version is a literal translation which is free of reference theis sports. As the initial action of Madagascar is set in New York City, an allusion to the custom of tipping a cab driver might make sense even for the target audience.

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As it was already stated, this simply comes from a fact that the film is deeply rooted in American culture therefore there is a lot of references to American history, culture or customs specific for this particular country. The plot is based on the unexpected journey of four animals from New York zoo to Madagascar. Example 1 Tasty fresh! Every decision had to be carefully thought out as any alterations might have influenced the perception of the whole. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

It can be applied only when the phrase is not crucial for the whole text and when there is no one obvious word-to-word translation. However, according to this tehsis certain concepts may correspond to several subcategories depending thesiz what aspect geographical, temporal or cultural will be taken into consideration. Especially when the source text is full of thesjs terms and allusions so the translator faces not only the dilemma of how to approach the original text whether to make it more accessible for the target audience by adjusting the source text to an analogical sociocultural frame in the target language or to retain its strangeness and by doing tlhmaczenie risk lack of understanding but has to also make hundreds of small decisions about how to translate a particular cultural aspect.


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Kwanzaa is a festival featuring African-American culture. The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with tlumacaenie or explanations of terms and short phrases.

I’ll stick to my original thesis. Ziploc is a brand of reusable, resealable zipper storage bags and containers produced and distributed in the United States.

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Another possible procedure of translating toponyms is the application of cultural substitute Example 7.

Example 12 Oh, Knicks lost again! However, in this analysis it is a key to understanding the rules governing translation of cultural aspects in animated dubbed films.

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However, the Polish version changes the point of reference to promoting fastening seatbelts as in few recent years there was a series of social campaigns promoting safe behaviour for example “Zapnij pasy! Therefore the allusion to the song becomes obvious to the most Polish viewers. Therefore, translating cultural aspects, not only into Polish culture but in fact into any other culture, may occur to be extremely challenging. Despite the fact that all the products are present on the Polish market it has to be stated that they are not as popular as in the United Stated or at least they are not considered the national culinary customs.

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The former Example 14 signals even a particular company, namely Dunkin’ Donuts — an international doughnut tjesis coffee retailer founded in by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Neves eds A Tool for Social Integration?


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Teresa Tomaszkiewicz and cultural elements transfer In the essay Areas of Untranslatability in Audiovisual Transfers Teresa Tomaszkiewicz gives an overview of translation techniques applied in the transfer of cultural elements which is probably the most accurate for the needs of this analysis.

The final chapter is an analysis of the two versions of Madagascar on the basis of provided examples. Help Center Find new research papers in: Thus the translator’s task is much more complex than when it comes to translating the text only as AVT with its many advantages has also a lot of constraints, each mode of AVT requiring slightly different thessi.

For an average Polish viewer the reference would not be as appealing as for the American audience. What is interesting, in original the reference to Sad Diego is maintained consistently throughout the whole film whereas in Polish version already a few lines later the reference to Sopot is no longer continued and the reference to San Diego takes its place.

Dubbing in Poland According to Agnieszka Szarkowska However, some scholars claim that it is not only the financial status but also tlumzczenie desire to intervene with the original in order to make the translated product more target-oriented.

Thus, the following sections are an overview of concepts which will be helpful in systematizing tlumaczennie material analyzed in the final part of the work as well as a few classifications of translatory techniques which focus on translating cultural aspects.

Thus it is not surprising at all that when we talk about translation, which naturally deals with languages, we at the same time have to take into consideration differences between cultures.

Example 5 You hit the Chrysler Building, you’ve gone too far. This two notions deal with linguistic and cultural distance of the SL and the TL.