Unscheduled cancellations and closures. Jeff has started something amazing in the Flagstaff community and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from him. His experiences as in intern at the EcoRanch directly affected his life path and influenced him to follow his passions. Casee will be a plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with different growing techniques over the summer. My work these days covers a lot of practical and applied topics having to do with technology, learning, and how we can use psychology to improve how our minds work in the modern world.

Psychology of Popular Media Culture. Lastly, please rehearse your spoken presentation, using the skills you learned in PSY w. Flagstaff Grand Canyon Mtn. Media usage diminishes memory for experiences. Google effects on memory:

I grew up partially in Eastern Europe in a country called Romania. The Flagstaff EcoRanch has allowed me to learn what it takes to run a farm and explore this passion by getting my hands dirty and connecting with the Earth.

I have only two concerns about the technology you use in class: Log In Sign Up. Technology, Cwpstone, and Brain Assigned reading listed in the detailed week-by-week overview at the end of this syllabus; these can be accessed within the Bb Learn site for the course 2. The Dark Tetrad traits and problematic social media use: We will focus particularly on memory and attention.

I will excuse you and allow you to make up the reading question points if you have either capstoe institutional excuse, Office of Student Life excuse, or other documented legitimate emergency. However, you can earn up to 5 extra credit points for a dynamic mockup where you can actually push buttons, use menus etc.


Senior Seminar and Capstone Project – Joseph August Hill

Revise and expand on your Detailed Idea. A brief description, including the knowledge and skills needed for a proposed project, is due on August I became interested in sustainable agriculture my freshman year of college and it is one of my top passions.

The EcoRanch allows me to get a hands-on experience connecting with the Earth.

capstone project nau

My goal with this internship is to become more adept in sustainable agriculture practices as well as learning to create my own sustainable garden in the future. You need to show me your draft poster before you send it in for printing. Details on Other Assignments Reflective Journal. Remember me on this computer. These intermittent assignments are all listed on Bb Learn. With his time and experience at the Flagstaff EcoRanch, Micah plans to move back home after graduation in May so that he can help educate people in sustainable living practices.

Grading Policies Absences from class.

Senior Seminar and Capstone Project

Journal of Adolescence, 51, 41— Riley is from Newport Beach, CA. You will be able to self- manage a complex, multi- stage project involving multiple skills and demands which may be unfamiliar to you, and which require you to teach yourself to use technology in new and Professional creative ways. I began this project in a class porject Implementing Sustainability.


Casee will be a plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with different growing techniques over the summer. Take-home Midterm Questions 5 30 points each 3. Contrasting action video game experience with media multitasking. I would like for you to complete each weekly entry by Sunday night, but if you need to delay or double up on any entries you may do so up to twice without penalty.

Meet the amazing team of motivated and hard working interns and students who have made semester long commitments to help shape the Flagstaff EcoRanch, promote our mission statement through their independent research and hard work, and integrate themselves into the Flagstaff Community. The psychology of computing.

capstone project nau

Merintha collaborated with Kara Holzmiller to develop our 5 year permaculture site plan. In her free time, she loves teaching herself new recipes in the kitchen and being in nature.

Interns and Capstone Students

Cognitive control in media multitaskers. Meaghan spent her internship managing our produce production operations, caring for plants and managing pests. In this part of the capsttone, nearly everyone has a garden especially in the little villages. Go back and review the competition for your proposed application, such as other apps for sale.