If attempts to regularise fail, then only option is either a takeover or demolition. We are a secret self-moderated community for Civil Services preparation. Below is the link of the article: How to prepare for it? I just read some of the ethics questions in one of the paper uploaded here some time back. I am not assuming – That is what the captain thought best.

Closed petersr views 3 comments 0 points Most recent by It ain’t me October In future, the captain would probably be afraid to take any decision because of this verdict. If attempts to regularise fail, then only option is either a takeover or demolition. The captain rejected this reasoning. I would communicate to the government the need to visit this areas, and request security cover. But the captain should not sacrifice his life at the moment when he is required the most – If he kills himself, the people will be left directionless and with nobody to lead the group to safety. The most unique thing about it is that they are handwritten by toppers themselves.

You should rather feel confident with whatever you have done. If a waiter cleaning a hotel room prises open the locker The reputation of the deceased in the village was not good.

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Ztudy SP faces ethical dilemma as he has to choose between following the legal procedures and handle the naxalite like any other criminal providing him all legal provisions; stury choose her career growth and progress by respecting the orders of the political matters- seniors.

There was a gruesome naxalite murder of a landlord on the night of December 12, in the limits of Police Station X in the district Gadchiroli of Maharashtra State. SP can do good investigation and make sure that Naxalite gets appropriate punishment. Since it is clear that he is acting out of self-preservation, it can be stdy that he may have thrown over more people than would have been necessary.


But, as i am not a judge or a robinhood, if i feel that what he is saying is true and want to leave him, i will give him the money for buying those medicines either from my pocket or any social organisation abd make him pay to the pharmacy.

The case of Paradise Papers

Are you guys reading on these lines? They will eventually be lost in the vast ocean. Summing up – 1. Say the case study were slightly different– You are Municipal Commissioner and it has come to your notice that an apartment’s permissions were acquired by bribing officials.

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So i stuvy saying that we should clarify it before taking decision. He has displayed cowardice by choosing to save himself and throwing the weak overboard. Here’s one of them from Halfmantr – Ina ship struck an iceberg and more than 30 survivors were crowded into a lifeboat intended to hold 7. It may also be needed to use your inner conscience to arrive at the decision.

Anyways, any answer is a good answer if you can give enough points in support of it, which you have. September edited September Well I am no judge and am not aspiring to be one. I was of the opinion to exonerate the captain but struggled for a plausible explanation.

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Taking a stand either way in necessary in this question otherwise the answer will be weak. Personal Egs, Anecdotes, Stories and hypothetical scenarios. Dont you think some times rules are to acse followed on your discretion and if you help him in paying for medicines, he hasnt committed any crime.


Just dont spread the word ; Sign in or join with Facebook or Google. He should act in the best interest of his crew. As a result the student attendance has gone up considerably and the tribal children and their parents are very happy with you.

Pressure was brought on the SP of the district by the senior police officer for immediate arrest of the accused. And the schools might not open again. Help in studying ethics Hi im preparing through self study and im clueless on a preparation strategy for ethics Sikandar18 views 9 comments 0 points Most recent by Sikandar18 January I think you meant the first case – so the building has to brought down acc.

His foresight and decision-making was vindicated when they were rescued after days of rowing.

case study forumias

Can anyone please suggest me good material for Ethics and Governance? For ex- the govt has clearly ruled out your venturing into certain blocks of your districts you are the DC- again because there is a fear that you will the kidnapped again the Maoists. That would lead to a further deterioration of the law and order situation, making it even harder to develop these remote areas.

But doing so would displace several low-income groups that have invested their life atudy into this. Not able to head in this paper since a