Implementing business strategy Operations should implement strategy The most basic role of operations is to implement strategy. Internally supportive Stage 3 operations are among the best in their market. There are 2 easy methods to meet up this need. Performance measurement by monitoring feedback and implement quality management. Many of the hospital’s costs are fixed and will change little for small changes in the number of patients it treats.

Strategy implementation meaning and steps in implementing strategy [Online] Available at: Any kind of material can be collected and a charge is made depending on the volume of material. Sometimes this is achieved through flexibility in design, For example, Dell is the world’s largest volume producer of personal computers yet allows each customer to ‘design’ albeit in a limited sense their own configuration. Some of the hospital’s costs will be payments to outside suppliers of drugs, medical supplies and externally sourced services such as cleaning, but probably not as high a proportion as in the car factory. Customer satisfaction will be important as reflects on the strength on company products, brand and services. In Malaysia, government fixed the regulation is because need to overcome market failure and economic system can operate in a manner consistent with public interest.

Moreover, with the emergence of the global tourism, hospitality industry and globalization with competition from stuyd over the hotel industry, the need to augment existing and new strategies need to be address speedily.

He should always review and set new service standards for the staff for continuous improvement, conduct psnang focus group studies to predict future customer requirements in terms of service and facilities, minimise and eliminate high employee turnover at the front desk by taking good care of staff welfare, and exercise job rotation of staff to promote innovation and creativity in the job.

Making full use of the golden hour means speeding up three elements of the total time to treatment – the time it takes for the emergency services to find out about the accident, the time it takes them to travel to the scene of the accident and the time it cade to get the casualty to appropriate treatment.


Would you like to get a custom penajg study? Our workers don’t answer as many calls per hour, but that’s our choice. It is estimated that this would cut the value of inventories held by slap. Right resources must be provided by managers.

Discuss or reflect on how if at all such companies try to reconcile these conflicts. Four-stage progression model[Online] Available at: Flexibility can help in saving resources. Stylish and top class facilities. Unique operations capabilities drive strategy that operation takes a leading role in having competitive strategy, seen as the prime source of the capabilities which competitors find difficult to imitate.

Penang Mutiara is one of the luxurious hotels in South-East Asia. We want to be recognized as the best company in the door-to-door express delivery industry. First of all it means that it should be able to meet a guest’s requests.

Sunday, August 21, Case Study: Second, what are its specific performance objectives?

These claims take, on average, 90 days to get right. What is its single-factor labour productivity and its multi-factor productivity now?

Penang mutiara

Furthermore, high-variety operations do not usually produce in high volume. As part of human resource management, Wernie should encourage two way communications between higher management and staff.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

This new line of business with pharmaceutical companies is ztudy different. Phong Yi Wen Date: If ojbectives in an operation is perfectly dependable and has been for some time, a level of trust will have built up between the different parts of the operation.


Participation by all levels of staff should be encourage to provide feedback and suggestions to improvise operations and services since they are the people who have the most contact and are in direct contact with the customers.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Without wasting the time respond of customers, manager will call stuffs from other departments to come n support. Each of the various performance objectives has several internal effects, but all of them affect cost. The hotel is very careful never to compromise the quality of its service in order to cut costs.

Both these issues are vital to any operation. Makes the point that although speed can have considerable advantages, it also has its thw side’.

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Dependability saves time It effectively arranging the facilities, information, material, workforce, money and time to ensure all of them can be available at nutiara time, saves the time to wait or to look for other substitutes. This could potentially reduce the percentage of mis-packed items from 0. The time of the hospital’s resources is being saved because they are flexible in ‘changing over’ from one task to the next.

The extent to which an operations function fulfils these roles, together with its aspirations, can be used to judge the operations function’s contribution to the organization. Other short cases and ar answers are included in the Companion Website to this book earsoned. All operations staffs very clear the importance operations objectives and their implications.