Similarly, words such as “schoolwork” and “homework” are also mass nouns. Do not have an account? Examples of these nouns include hair, light, room, art, gear and science. In English, nouns can be either countable or uncountable. As you’ll see from this thread, there’s no agreement among English speakers. Lei Xun Lei Xun 19 2.

How is it measured? Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Here is a sentence from Cambridge English Corpus. As for the latter, the term is a coursework essay , for example:. I was being vague as well!

There are many abstract nouns that are considered to be uncountable.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns in English

Courseworks seem to be incorrect. Also, you most certainly should say ‘results’ and not result in this case.

coursework countable or uncountable

Post as a guest Name. Here is a sentence from Cambridge English Corpus. Sign up using Facebook. Eddie Kal Eddie Kal 8, 6 30 I was just giving examples off the top of my head and wasn’t trying to list “pure” mass nouns.

They come in both singular and plural form. Delivery in as Little as 3hrs. If you were speaking in terms of measurement, you might choose to say a cup of, a bag of, 1kg of, a handful of, an hour of, etc.


Thread starter uktous Start date Nov 19, Of course, we could find words that are “more” uncountable than others, whose plural forms are considered non-idiomatic, as examples. I am not sure whether result is countable or uncountable in this content. In the singular form, they might be preceded by an a or an a. Studio courses are intended as the point of integration for all other coursework and educational uncuntable.

In order to express quantity of an uncountable noun, you need to use a word or expression like a lot of, some, much, a bit of, a great deal or. Here are some examples worth looking at.

Some articles and adjectives can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns, and others can only be used with one or the other. Apologies for my misunderstanding.

coursework – Wiktionary

However, this is totally off topic. Coursework uncountable can encompass a wide range of activities, including practice, experimentation, research, and writing. Could you clarify this, please?

coursework countable or uncountable

That being said, there is a smaller group of nouns that do not refer to elements that can be counted, and therefore, they do not typically have lr plural form. New York City and Pennsylvania. Forums English Only English Only. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: I attained excellent results for some assignments. To recap, countable nouns are those things unncountable can be counted using numbers and uncountable nouns are those things that cannot be counted using number.


Your Password goes here. Slightly more colloqiual, certainly not proffesional Over here in England, results is just as common as grades. Either of these would be advisable: How is it measured?

Uncountable nouns almost always use the singular form. Question1 Which sentence is more correct? I think I would probably use “grades” or perhaps “marks”, but you can also use “results” if you choose to. We touched briefly on a few examples above.