During follow-up, ACB had disappeared in two cases of the blind-end type and in one case of the rudimentary subtype. We report a case of sigmoid endometriosis which represented a diagnostic dilemma on multidetector computed tomography. In this institutional review board-approved HIPAA-compliant study, electrocardiographically gated coronary CT angiograms in patients men, women; mean age, 60 years were reviewed for PFO morphologic features. Resection procedures, which are usually performed to remove pancreatic tumors, include pancreatoduodenectomy, central pancreatectomy, distal pancreatectomy, and total pancreatectomy. Multidetector CT urography MDCTU is a single examination that allows evaluation of potential urinary tract calculi, renal parenchymal masses, and both benign and malignant urothelial lesions. Saline infusion in the supine and prone positions had very similar scores in all segments that were less than the buscopan group, but this difference was not statistically significant. Comparative identification, the comparison of ante- and post-mortem imaging data, can be performed on both teeth and bones.

We are developing a computerized method for bladder segmentation in CT urography CTU for computeraided diagnosis of bladder cancer. Cardiac causes of pulmonary arterial hypertension: With ongoing improvements in computer-aided diagnosis CT colonography becomes an alternative to fiberoptic colonocopy for screening http: The results were compared with single-kidney Gates-GFR by using paired t-test, correlation analysis, and Bland-Altman plots. Patients were evaluated using multidetector CT. Virtual unenhanced images were reconstructed from contrast-enhanced DE data.

We followed the Joanna Briggs Institute guidelines. The total CT -GFR was calculated by dividing the CT number increments of the total urinary system between the nephrographic and excretory phase by the products of iodine concentration in the aorta and the elapsed time, then multiplied by 1- Haematocrit.

CT urography: Review of technique and spectrum of diseases

The AUCs for Radiologist 1 were 0. Feasibility, image quality and dose reduction. This manuscript discusses currently available alternative visualization techniques for the assessment of volumetric data acquired with multi detector-row CT. These include normal variation, congenital anomalies, trauma, infection, axillary lymphadenopathies, soft tissue tumors and bone tumors. The purpose of this pictorial essay is to inform physicians about the mechanism and anatomical features of pneumomediastinum, and to help them understand the imaging findings and underlying disorders of pneumomediastinum as seen on MDCT.


Six urogrsphy underwent thezis -row CT duodenography before upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. CT urography of urinary ctt with enhanced CT digital radiography: Technique Most CTU protocols are triphasic examinations that include noncontrast, enhanced, and delayed images. Multi-detector CT imaging in the postoperative orthopedic patient with metal hardware.

CT urography for hematuria.

Complex CT findings allow clear imaging of arterial sequestration and the ASA blood supply; MDCT angiography has demonstrated its value and accuracy in diagnosing this condition, obviating the use of digital subtraction angiography and magnetic resonance angiography for the diagnosis of arterial sequestration.

Significant turbinate volume reduction was achieved by the surgery on thesus right and left sides [ preoperative vs.

The aim of the present study was to assess the value of row multidetector CT in noninvasive examination of the renal vessels and ureters of potential living kidney donors. Evaluate the usefulness of intermediate dose furosemide to improve visualization of the intrarenal collecting system and ureter using MDCTU.

A left-to-right shunt was detected in 44 A data set of cases was collected for this study: Urinary bladder rupture may be seen in cases of pelvic trauma, although the recommended imaging method to detect a hhesis bladder rupture is a cystogram, using direct instillation of contrast into the bladder and imaging with either conventional radiography or CT.

Caliceal diverticula are incidental findings of little or no significance.

ct urography thesis

All examinations were evaluated without knowledge of the stage or grade of a patient’s tumor and were compared with the clinical records. A total tesis patients were assigned to different protocols with varying doses of contrast agent with and without oral hydration. Colorectal perforation was present in 42 patients.


Examples of the commonest clinical applications are also given. Not only do these postprocessing techniques allow urogrpahy radiologist to interact with the data to more fully appreciate pathologic changes, but they also aid in communicating findings to referring physicians.

multidetector ct urography: Topics by

Channel-like appearance of the IAS was detected in 38 patients sensitivity, Overall, orthopaedic opinion agreed with CT findings in Between January and Decemberpatients were included in our final analysis: Current investigations of MDCTU focus on methods to improve opacification and distension of the upper urinary tract – the collecting systems, pelvis, and ureters.

All 7 cases had isolated and tortuous arterial anatomy from the descending thoracic aorta to the basal segment of the left lower lobe; however, variable distribution of branches was observed.

Radiation dose saving by omitting the unenhanced scan was calculated. T-staging of gastric cancer of air-filling multidetector -row CT: Initially the referring clinician was contacted.

CT urography: Review of technique and spectrum of diseases

Calculi were recorded on thexis series and characterised based on their X-ray absorption characteristics at kVp and kVp in both true unenhanced and nephrographic excretory phase series. Multidetector CT provides detailed anatomic information about size, morphologic features, and shunt grade of the PFO.

In an environment where the rapid acquisition of CT data allows general hospitals to image children instead of referring them to specialist paediatric centres, it is vital vt general radiologists have access to protocols appropriate for paediatric applications.

ct urography thesis