A better way is to narrow it down and investigate job satisfaction of operatives who are working for small-size firms. The results of this research are analysed and discussed in the following chapter. Stewart and Kamins , p. Trade journals, newspapers and magazines These are mass media sources of information which often summarise research or provide views on a particular subject. Start your investigation as soon as you can and stick with your work plan. This book is therefore composed of ten chapters. However, as the book follows the interrelated process of conducting a research, it can also be useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students of various disciplines.

Please express your level of agreement. Techniques for data collection After deciding on your research approach you will be involved in collecting the data for your research study. For example, a researcher might state that traditional contracts will most probably overrun on cost. Reference guides Reference guides are very useful sources of information for short and quick answers to basic questions. The appropriateness of either a closed-ended or open-ended question depends on a number of factors. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Note-taking It is important to take notes of your literature as it is the best means to recapitu- late what you have reviewed.

However, whether it is a dissertation, a thesis or a research project, the principle of structuring the literature file is the same: Naoum Limited preview – Questionnaire construction 81 Table 6.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students

Will I use a total score or should I analyse the data separately for each item in the question- naire or rating scale? At the proposal stage, however, all you need to provide is an outline methodology, for example which academic journals you will concentrate your reading on.

Designing the research involves the following activities: In many fields, conference proceedings can be a main source of information and the main aim of these conferences is similar to that of academic journals i. However, for the purpose of this book, you need to know that there naaoum two types of sampling: This means that the categories are assigned after the data reseaech been collected.


Later, you will find out that all the given examples will end up by stating the probability figure of the statistical test. By contrast, closed-ended questions require a short response and their analysis is straightforward. The appropriateness of either a closed-ended or open-ended question depends on a number of factors. Having good equipment to work with is important to employees.

At the end of the unstructured interviews you will probably end up with a list of ten factors which you will then examine on a wider sample through structured interviews or a postal questionnaire. If two respondents have the rank 8 and 6 and two others are ranked 7 and 5, it does not mean that the differences between the two pairs are equal.

Measurement is a procedure in which a researcher assigns numerals num- bers or other symbols to empirical properties variables according to rules.

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students : Shamil Naoum :

Summary The literature review is one of the earliest stages in the research process and it amounts to a significant proportion of a dissertation content. The main point to recognise about measurement is that each level of measurement requires a certain type of analysis that is more appropriate than others.

On highly structured questionnaires, the categories may be precoded. Does MC allow an earlier start on site? Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students serves as a reference source and a guide for BSc and MSc students writing their dissertation in partial fulfilment of their degree requirements.

It is extremely difficult to determine causality in such stud- ies unless a detailed case study is undertaken or a controlling variable system is used. A theoret- ical model was formulated and a number of sub-hypotheses were proposed. Questions can be either factual or an opinion type. Is MC quicker during studdnts It is advisable cojstruction conduct a pilot study to test the wording of the questions, check the length of the questionnaire and make sure that the questions are not ambiguous.


dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

Is it a specific problem or a gener- alized one? Other clients might give the following answers: For example, in Proposal 1 in Appendix 1there were two objectives. Most ques- tionnaires, whether for descriptive or analytical purposes, almost certainly begin by asking factual questions such as: These items or ideas were not introduced arbitrarily but were based on writlng background literature review see Table 6.

You could have used the label A instead of 1, B instead of 2, C instead of 3 and so on. Suppose you are investigating the factors which cause conflict between managers and the site agents.

dissertation research & writing for construction students by dr naoum

You may not be familiar with the field of study, but the review puts you in the picture as construxtion is expected from you. A criticism of ADR in general is that it is being used as a Public Relations exercise by solicitors to promote their firms Newman,however, this should not preclude its use, even if this is the case. Is MC more flexible to variations?

Paul Lazarsfeld suggested the follow- ing considerations to determine appropriateness of which type of question to ask: