Academic units send an e-mail time. It is very important that the nature and number of activities and the grading aspects be defined on the form. Students who transfer from a master’s to a PhD are determined to have commenced their program at first registration at the master’s level. Appeal of Final Grade. Judgment of scholarly activity is based mainly on the quality and significance of an individual’s contributions to the particular discipline.

Conflict of Interest Form – University Staff. Annual Gerontology Student Information Form. The student on an LOA pays no fees and the time of the leave does not count in the graduate program. It is important for them to have opportunities to work with experts and researchers from other countries, not on just their research, but also to learn and understand the people that they are working with. The thesis, with the forms listed below, can be submitted to grad. A report is to be submitted upon return. To be eligible for convocation, all students in a thesis degree program must present and defend a thesis embodying the results of their research.

Students can apply for the next available Convocation after the blackout period is lifted.

Formatting a Thesis

The student on an LOA pays no fees and the time of the leave does not count in the graduate program. Defined consistently in the separate papers.

A failing grade or a grade of Deferred or Incomplete renders a student ineligible for graduate funding until either the failed course or substitute or the outstanding course work is successfully completed. Following completion of the qualifying or probationary conditions, the student will be notified of a change of status to fully qualified. Final versions of all University of Regina theses will only be briefly reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


fgsr thesis guidelines

If they aren’t, add a preface to the chapter where the usage or definition changes and explain the change carefully. Checklist for the Submission of a Thesis. Residency provides an opportunity for sustained and concentrated intellectual effort, as well as for immersion in a dynamic research environment, and facilitates extensive interaction with fellow students and the faculty members in the academic unit, on both a social and professional basis.

The thesis, with the forms listed below, can be submitted to grad.

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FGSR does not time-table program specific graduate coursesthis is the responsibility of the academic unit. The topic must have been approved by the student’s supervisor. FGSR has been working to automate graduate student requests. Failure to obtain REB or PCAC approval when required is considered research misconduct, and may result in the student being required to discontinue their program.

The thesis and some project programs emphasize research and others are based primarily on formal courses. Once the External Examiner’s report is returned to FGSR and the thesis is found acceptable for defense, then the defense can be scheduled. One week pre-departure classes will included lectures, information sessions, and preparation of a project proposal.

Forms | Graduate Studies, University of Regina

This information is required in order for an extension to be granted. Smaller font can be used for footnotes, graphs, formulas, and other additions to the text. After your final examination, you will make any required revisions as directed by your examining committee. Students must register in any formal remaining credit hours in addition to an extension course.

Theses must be submitted within six months of the date of the final oral examination. The fold must not extend to the full width of the page in order to leave room for binding. Writing a thesis can be both the most challenging, and the most rewarding aspect of graduate work. Students in thesis-based Master’s degree programs are expected to work with reasonable continuity and complete their program in a timely manner but have up to five years to do so from the time of first registration.


fgsr thesis guidelines

Furthermore, the student must have shown the ability to work independently in the chosen field and must have made an original significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge. Graduate Studies and Research. Courses that have been completed six or more years prior to the reinstatement must be shown to be relevant.

Computing Science

Make sure you read all the step needed in the pre-defense procedures. The course has been critically assessed by the academic unit and the corresponding faculty, verified by the Library and approved at Executive Council. The University of Regina is committed to excellence in scholarly activities and as such is committed to assuring that the highest standards of scholarly integrity are to be understood and practiced.

fgsr thesis guidelines

A student who has been discontinued for administrative reasons i. The thesis is to be printed on one side of the paper only. Graduate Student Audit Registration. That is certainly true for the individual papers, but it needs to be remedied in the thesis.