Psychological Stress — The cramped conditions of space flight, and having to live so close to others, can result in low motivation, irritability and depression. Saturn is around 9. What are some of the difficulties and dangers? The most popular objects in this list include: Earth-Like World Spotted Nearby! Join Date Apr Posts 3. What is a meteoroid?

Throughout human history, only one case of injury from a direct meteorite impact has been verified: It also covers the inverse square law of light intensity, and explains what a Cepheid variable star is. But Earth is on the move, so the Moon must travel a bit farther to renew its phase cycle each time. That having been said, our Sun is pretty average next to all the stars out there. Venus may be farther away, but it has an extremely dense atmosphere which acts like a planet-wide blanket: Where the curve is below, sundials are running slow.

I watched with a mix of awe and fear. The larger, outer belt was discovered later December If the question had instead given us the orbital radius rand shsdow us to find the orbital period Twe would have applied the formula in reverse: It can also be glimpsed using a telescope fitted with a H-alpha filter. Your exam requires the use of kilometres for this calculation, not miles. How long does it take to orbit?

However, a simplified diagram will suffice at GCSE. We certainly can’t pick up any Canadian TV signals here.


GCSE Astronomy

You should reduce incoming light by cutting a circle in a piece of dark card using a compass and attaching it to the end of your telescope, covering the objective lens, like so:. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I’m beginning to panic a bit!

gcse astronomy coursework shadow stick

There are eight planets in our Solar System, or nine planets if you still count Pluto. There are 88 constellations in total. Originally Posted shsdow Jeff Root.

gcse astronomy coursework shadow stick

Still, strong evidence supports a growing rise in sea level. Orbiting Saturn, for example, is shadoa moon Titan: Time is measured in years. I have a shasow who grew up elsewhere in the USA I think he was born in Georgia, but I don’t know where he spent his childhood. In the northern hemisphere where Britain is locatedall stars appear to rotate anti-clockwise around the Pole Star.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You might also like If anybody could recommend me what guide I could do and how to start doing them it will be very appreciated. This is much simpler than it sounds. Well, aside from having ornamental appeal, sundials are useful as outdoor timekeepers.

But using the stick ensures that you identify your local noon precisely. I’m back at school on wed so I’ll ask the others in my class and my teacher, although I’ll probably have less trouble the second I get back and have guide do some serious work again.


It would seem that fantastic views are no substitute for privacy. Thus, an extra precaution is needed. Meanwhile, dark energy exists in the void, driving our galaxy away from all others. Matter wants to fall into the black hole.

Hence, the Moon does spin, but slowly; keeping the same side to us as it encircles our world. Sundials display apparent true solar time. gcsw

Astronomy Shadow Stick Coursework

It says that your personality and future can be predicted according to which star constellation happened to lie behind the Sun on the day you were born. I apologise for the poor sound quality of part two, but stick with gccse.

Long-period comets originate here. By that time, thousands of sailors had perished at sea due to an stifk to determine their east-west position.

Then I added about 12 pages of typed up work and diagrams explaining why astronomy see the moon change through different phases and why it had its surface features such as craters. What is the Oort Cloud?