The people they use and throw it on the roads that will cause the water logged conditions during heavy rainfall and the diseases caused by it may spread one area to another. In Himachal Pradesh the State Government of has taken a cabinet decision to ban plastics in all over the State since Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags and many are in the process of doing so. Plastic is non-biodegradable and do not decay by biological actions of microbes. Here’s a fun way to make your own.

If they were, we certainly would not be using plastic bags today. Now, we are wasting this precious resource in manufacturing plastic bags when we could use it for more useful things, such as automobile gas. Here’s a fun way to make your own. Home News Sitemap Contact Us. This cause fear of malaria, cholera and other diseases. This essay has been submitted by a student. But these very harmful to people and causes many disease.

How can one determine the external cost of leaving plastic bags in the bottom of the ocean? In order to counter the problems brought about by the bags, several measures need to be taken. Polythene is both indigestible and indestructible. Manufactures too find these bags very effective to advertise their products and use it for this purpose very freely.

hazards of polythene bags essay

It is used like a slow poison in daily life. A study from Animal Today shows an autopsy was done on a Bryde Whale stomach and discovered a huge ball of plastic debris and other garbage. Hazards of plastic usage are manifold.

This is representative of our entire disposable culture where everything is one-time use or hszards and is thrown away in the landfill. Register to view the rest of this essay Physical Hazards in Food Industry paper and polythene strips from over wraps and a variety of insects and even rodents. We should ban the use of plastic bags entirely, since people cannot be given the option of choosing environmental destruction and suffering for numerous future generations over the inconvenience of finding a real solution to packaging their products.


It is also important that people be educated and informed on the negative effects of polythenee plastic bags in order to refrain from poor disposal and littering.

hazards of polythene bags essay

There are about 80 diseases caused by water borne germs, and only one piece of nags is enough to block a drain causing water logging which in turn becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that cause these diseases. However, it will encourage customers to choose stores that have plastic bags and will not remove the damage due to their use.

Hazards of Plastic Bags Essay Sample

This problem should therefore be solved hazardx methods such as recycling and use of degradable plastic. But these very harmful to people and causes many disease. The grocer packs most of the foods, grains, vegetables, fruits etc into clean transparent plastic bags, which keep the food in hygienic condition and even adds a touch of glitter to them.

The polythene bags have also got an acidic combination which with time disturbs the chemical formulas of the soils. According to the New Internationalist, the world uses an estimated one million plastic bags every minute; bags per year for every person on earth New Internationalist.

We have received your request for getting a sample The users without accounts have to wait due to a large waiting list and high demand. For example, the tourist industry, the fishing industry, damages to polytheje shorelines, long term economic loss, habitat loss, as well as the loss of both marine and human lives Plater, Zygmunt J.

Short Article on Plastic Hazards

All plastic bags are made up of different kinds of plastic. Basg consuming the plastic wastes they die slowly as a result of choking or toxin.

To add to this, the photo-gradable plastics are easily broken down by light into chemicals that are harmful in nature Bushnell, n.


The environmentalists feel that poly bags are a serious threat to the environment and also release toxic gases in to the atmosphere. Plastics are polymers i. In Himachal Pradesh the State Government poylthene has taken a cabinet decision to ban plastics in all over the State since However, plastic is made of synthetic polymers that constitute the non-biodegradable and inorganic material like Styrene Aquinus, The polythene bags have become hazards of polythene bags and items.

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Keep strike to all poly bags and this place provide papers bags. Other countries in Europe such as Ireland have imposed heavy taxation on the utilization of plastic bags while in Africa, Rwanda banned the use of the material Erikson, Studies indicate that plastic bags constitute 10 percent of waste deposited at the U. They can migrate to food stuffs as a result of leaching. The persistence of plastic debris and the associated environmental hazards are illustrated are biodegradable, but others such as polythene derived.

So the plastic that we continually create with new bags will be with us in some form for hundreds of years and although individual plastic bags do not take up too much space, as we continue to accumulate them, this adds up to a very large problem. The Hazards of Using Polyethylene Bags. It is surprising that amongst the world full of the plastic users, very few are aware of the harmful effects of plastic even though environmentalists are busy creating an awareness of the hazards of plastic.