Clients of Scottish solicitors who are forced to make complaints to the SLCC should read our previous reports on how the anti-client regulator may treat their case. A number of members referred to the register of interests of MSPs. There was thereafter a change in legal team who were not so optimistic. Proposals before the Scottish Parliament calling for views on scrapping self regulation of the legal profession in Scotland received representations from Scottish Ministers , the Chair of a pro-lawyer review panel and a Law Society-backed legal regulator — calling for MSPs to back off from investigating regulation of legal services. His reputation was severely damaged. When pressed for further details, the spokesperson added:

But, be careful where you tread. Amending those sections of the Legal Services Scotland Act which relate to the regulation of legal services and the Scottish solicitor profession to address the difficulties in interpretation and application. Next year, tribunals will move to an expensive new home in the centre of Glasgow. A further development of interest to members with regards to the Register of Judicial Recusals — created by former Lord President Lord Brian Gill as a result of this petition in April All previous reports can be viewed HERE.

Solicitors may apply for production of their client to the dock if sufficient reason can be given for use of video link is inappropriate. Crown Office jet set junket racket.

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A Scottish Government spokesman said: The next ranked firm grantedwhile the next ranked Kilmarnock firm granted only Should sentence be passed on a convicted offender remotely, by prison video link, rather than producing an offender to the dock of the court?

Businfss no expenses spared approach for tribunal members who tow the line is often the case, enhanced with office accommodation such as the new tribunals centre being created in Glasgow at 3 Atlantic Quay, a high-quality office development close to the River Clyde in the centre of the city. That a new system for dealing with complaints about legal services and solicitors is introduced, recognising the paramount aim to busindss consumers whilst allowing the Society to continue to deal with the professional discipline of its members, and adopting relevant processes to make the system speedy, effective and efficient whilst recognising the differences between consumer redress and professional discipline.


There has been considerable re-organisation of the tribunal system in Scotland since the Tribunals Scotland Act simplified the statutory framework.

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The current stance of the UK Supreme Court has previously been used by judges in Scotland to avoid creating a register of judicial interests in response to the cross party supported petition still under investigation at the Scottish Parliament.

Register of Interests for members of Scotland’s judiciary and conflict of interests, but no minutes were taken. The case then takes another turn after media reports of the hearing on Wednesday 15 November reveal a third judge — Lord Arthurson QC — eventually heard the case, and has since arranged for a four day hearing businese legal arguments.

A Register of Interests for members of Scotland’s judiciary. The top judge claimed justice 2102 grind to a halt in a constitutional calamity if judges were forced to declare their vast wealth, property owning interests, professional links and other financial affairs — just like politicians, members of public bodies, local councillors are required to reveal.

hmcts business plan 2012

Physical courtrooms are here to stay for the foreseeable future and digitising them is more about ensuring the optimal technologies are deployed, whether this involves ensuring adequate WiFi or viewing screens or the underlying IT system used by court officials. As Mr Gordon is well versed in standards, and public expectation of transparency, I ask the Committee call Mr Gordon to give evidence on his experience in relation to standards in public life, and any thoughts he may have as the new Judicial Complaints Reviewer — with regards to the creation of a register of judicial interests.

Given the similarities of the two claims, lawyers are now examining whether the two actions should be rolled into a single case. As senior counsel she hmcgs practised mainly in commercial and public law. Lockhart to make consecutive grants of Advice and Assistance on behalf of the bbusiness client for the same matter, for personal gain.

This has led to significant, above-inflation hikes in the annual levy on Scottish solicitors for the past two years. Scotland’s judges have racked up thousands of air miles on overseas trips, including jaunts bbusiness the US, India, Morocco and Malaysia. The court action has since been concluded. Courts were left unsure of when some defendants were due to appear and some court files could not be retrieved, leading to busiess being adjourned. Prior to retirement, Gill waged a bitter two year battle with Scottish Parliament MSPs who are investigating proposals to create a register of judicial interests.


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Our Accounts staff are continuing to assess a number of his accounts and examining the corresponding client files which indicate repetition of the issues that gave rise to our initial concerns.

There are broader businesss of principle, too. Sheriff Principal Alastair Dunlop 62, has a stake in Glasgow based Weir Group, hammered in for paying kickbacks to land contracts in Iraq.

Post a comment Name: To this end, he is investigating the possibility of compiling a register of “recusals”, which means examples of judges ceasing an interest in a court case due to a perceived conflict. Register of Interests for members of Scotland’s judiciaryhas conceded a minor reform to boost transparency. This follows an earlier development after Lord Carloway gave his evidence to the Committee, where the Judicial Office agreed to publish a wider range of details regarding judicial recusals, A copy of the revised recusal form for members of the Judiciary has been provided by the Judicial Office and is submitted for members interest.

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I welcome the fact that, as of April this year, the Lord President has introduced a register of recusals. The secret SLAB dossier, obtained through freedom of information laws, said: Examples of such cases pln including HMA V Cadder — have occurred over recent years, requiring emergency legislation to address issues of successful judicial challenges. But legal experts insist this would not have happened if we had the same system of outside supervision that operates down south.

The position of the UKSC on the current lack of a register of judicial interests has entered Committee discussions on numerous occasions, and in evidence.

hmcts business plan 2012