I am applying for multiple grants. You will also use this portal to contact your referees and language evaluator s , complete the research relevance section, upload your research proposal and bibliography, and send reminders to referees and language evaluators. Please note that referees may not submit language evaluations on your behalf. For suggestions on proposal writing, we encourage you to consult The Art of Writing Proposals. I think the language I am using would be considered a less commonly taught language.

I uploaded my proposal and bibliography onto the application form, but when I print out the application, only my bibliography appears. Footnotes and endnotes may be single-spaced but must be included within the ten pages. The bibliography may be single-spaced. Are there formatting requirements for the research proposal and bibliography? Applicants who have undertaken unfunded research in the same country, funded research prior to obtaining ABD status, or research in a different country are eligible to apply. Please refer to the sample language evaluation form for a sense of what the evaluation entails. PDF file, the formatting changed.

Applicant eligibility will be determined at the discretion of the program. The bibliography must not exceed two pages and must be in standard bibliographic format.

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Insurance, Catastrophe Modeling and Climate Change. What do you mean by on-site, site-specific research?

Your proposal should address any potential challenges to security, access to information, or visa support, as necessary. If you have any questions about whether your discipline or topic is eligible for IDRF funding, please contact us.


Once you have invited an advisor you may not invite another. I added page numbers to my proposal document, but when I converted it to a. If no one at your institution can conduct the evaluation, the next step would be to reach out to a language instructor at another institution. You are permitted ten double-spaced pages to write about your project and research goals.

Trans-Atlantic Reactionary Whiteness, Tips Applications go through a multi-tiered review process, and will be evaluated by a panel of scholars with a range of disciplinary and regional perspectives. What does the IDRF grant cover? In addition, the IDRF program will not support dissertation write-up either at the home institution or elsewhere.

international dissertation research fellowship (idrf)

Applicants for the competition must achieve All But Dissertation status completed coursework and passed qualifying exams by the time the proposed research begins or by December disaertation, whichever comes first. Incomplete and ineligible applicants will be informed of their status by December A sample language evaluation can be found here.

International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

Do I need to submit a language evaluation? One fellowsbip letter must come from your principal faculty advisor and the second reference letter from someone who is familiar with your work and academic interests.

Do I need to complete the application all at once? When is the deadline for the IDRF application?


international dissertation research fellowship (idrf)

If you try to upload two separate documents, the second document will replace the first. Please note that referees may not submit language evaluations on your behalf. Ford Contested Rule in the Internal Colony: Proposals must be formatted with double-spacing.

Was my proposal uploaded? Yes, but any non-textual material must be included within the ten-page limit. Research that can be done at any location, either online or via rezearch loan, will not be funded by the IDRF program. Mimi Cheng Journeys to the East: Barker Encountering Antiquity in Renaissance Rome: Applicants are expected to be affiliated with a university and progressing toward a PhD and in good standing.

international dissertation research fellowship (idrf)

I applied last year. If you are selected as an IDRF fellow, we will work with you to make budget determinations.

Relevant coursework and grades should be listed in the course report section of the online application. What happens if my project is selected for funding?

Read through the selection criteria posted on our website and in the application portal, and take these criteria seriously. China’s Unternational Experiments for a New Society