We thank the following person, who help us to make this case analysis possible; Mr. Their year plan is to own hotels across Europe. When putting together your job description thinks about: Interpersonal Communication — Includes the ability to present ideas to others in formal and informal settings; understands the needs and preferences of the audience; speaks clearly and in a manner that is easily understood by others; uses correct grammar and word usage; effectively listens to and understands spoken information such as comments, questions, or directions from others; demonstrates active listening and gives full attention to others, uncovering all relevant information to understand the points being made, asks questions as appropriate, and does not interrupt at inappropriate times. It needs to be fair in the context of the responsibilities and experience required to do this job versus others.

The organization has decided to use an ethnocentric approach and send some of their existing UK-based managers to France to lead the changeover of the new hotels and then manage them after they re-open. Keep in mind that it is about percentages and not total dollar amount. The thinking goes that paying a bonus when particular goal or set of goals are reached is a great way to align workers interests with that of the companies. What was the task, and with whom did you have to interact? They think carefully about how to approach issues and the consequences of their actions.

international hrm case study brunt hotels answers

They invest some time to understand the organization and the market in which it exists. They likely interact better with certain groups at work, such as with their managers or peers.

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For one thing, the uniqueness of job roles within smaller companies can make it difficult to compare job responsibilities in the market and obtain suitable salary comparison data. This examination will not only want to prove their cognitive ability but also this examination wants to prove how flexible and how fast their minds will work. Each section of the test will consist of 5 questions each.


They expect to recruit a large number of staff for the new French hotels, because more than 70 percent of the employees from anssers acquired organization left. Logical Reasoning- This section of the test assesses your ability to think carefully and analytically.

They should also learn to speak French, particularly Business French, because it is important in communicating to French customers. The first thing you want to do when budgeting for raises is make sure that your job descriptions and salary ranges for each job are up to date.

PCN: Key to Success of Brunt Hotel in France (WAC 1-5)

Maintain organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes. Providing and interpreting financial information. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Having goals such as development of new and better products, expanding to a global market, and developing a workforce hm core competencies are strategic.

Individuals qnswers in this range lack the characteristics that would allow them to be effective leaders of others.

international hrm case study brunt hotels answers

If you already have a branch in the host location, the local Human Resource Director can provide you with different options available to find an apartment or can take care of it himself. In this part of the study, we are assigned to complete a design of training programs for two of the six managers that are newly-appointed managers of the rebranded hotels in France by the Brunt Hotels, PLC. Brunt hotel is looking for an employees for new position and because this is their first venture into a country outside the UK, they want to use PCNs hrmm set up the new hotel.


Here are examples of the types of things you may want to benchmark against:. Compensation also known as Total Rewards can be defined as all of the rewards earned by employees in return for their labour.


It only last hitels maximum of 20 minutes. They effectively interact with managers, peers, and subordinates given their ability to effectively craft and present ideas while taking the perspectives of their audience into account. These individuals also demonstrate a high degree of integrity.

Maintain the good ambiance of the hotel. Restaurant General Manager — France — Fr: The organization has never hired managers to work outside the U. Posting and production of visual ma6erial essential for looking if new applicants. What did you learn about your own communication patterns?

The organization would like to own hotels in the next five years. First hypothesis that our group formulated is this: Individuals scoring in this range demonstrate a unique understanding of their businesses and organizations. They have the ability to work through issues with others, typically without placing blame. Change is likely to occur over time as individuals must recognize when they are in situations that require change and then actively practice modifying their behavior.

Individuals scoring in this range likely prefer working with others. These individuals maintain subordinate relationships but may not always use consistent, objective feedback to manage performance. These individuals may find challenging situations or crises difficult to reason through and may not understand how different actions lead to different outcomes.