Jun 9, Elaborate with two examples on how you would differentiate yourself from other And here are ISBs this years application essay questions: S Ramaih institute of Technology. This one-of-a-kind programme identifies potential and cultivates leadership capabilities at the right stage of education. There is no challenge so unsurmountable that the human brain cannot think of finding a solution. Give a candid description of yourself, stressing on the personal characteristics you feel to be your strengths and weaknesses, giving examples when necessary. But this is your chance to really shine through. In her spare time, she finds herself concentrating on fitness and is also lured by the art of story-telling.

In her free time, she enjoys networking, traveling and adventure sports. He likes to follow comics in his leisure time. He enjoys teaching and mentoring students of all age groups. The last step is to show how ISB can bridge the gap between your present and your future. An applicant must be able to create a compelling case for their admission to ISB. The programme also promises to accelerate career growth during the two pre-PGP years through structured bi-annual on-campus management education sessions, career mentorship programs, and a Rs.

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Details of the course can be found here. We hold the view that this is valuable space provided by the school and should definitely be used as long as you have something worthwhile to share and not a laundry list of minor things! This perhaps is the same feeling an Indian batsman feels when he hits century on foreign soil.

Three sounds just about right. Tell us about two of your most significant accomplishments. Being ISBians themselves, these students and alumni have firsthand experience in the admissions process and complete knowledge about life at ISB post-admission. She was of great help in fine tuning my resume, essays and interview answers.


My tip, if you arent an exceptionally good speaker, make the Residency personal statement how many words extra effort I took Gmat and scored Q, v is dis good enough for ISB cover letter sample for ikea ylp round 2?

ISB YLP Review

These traits could be a mix of personal qualities for example, diligence, ambition, resourcefulness and interpersonal behavior for example, empathy and the ability to influence others. This first paragraph sets up the context. Stage 1 involves submitting 1 essay while stage 2 involves submitting another set of essays. A travel junkie at heart, Shrikant has a special affinity to Goa and visits the place once every quarter. You can talk about the main factors that have influenced your personal development, and write about that particular instance which esday you to rethink life or that particular instance when you were challenged and learnt the most important lessons of your life till date.

Aditya is an engineer by qualification, an alumnus of the famous M.

More than the accomplishment itself, it is the sense of confidence it gives him. Rahul is closely involved in essa Kellogg NY chapter and is also an active admission panel member for Kellogg. Savio is as alumnus of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

isb ylp sample essay

He also enjoys teaching and mentoring, trekking, biking, and cooking. This was partly because of my communication skills, and partly due to my enterprising nature. However, it is also important to get feedback on what you are missing and how to improve.


There is no challenge so unsurmountable that the human brain cannot think of finding a solution. Focus on the details that show how you handled challenges.

Topics will be provided in essay section. Preeti was of great help in making my application a success. Starting from helping me choose the colleges that would be a right fit for me to helping me prepare for the interview. Write about an incident or set of incidents in your life that had the most profound influence on you.

ISB YLP-Young leaders programme | Application Deadlines & Questions

His passions include playing football, scuba diving and mentoring. Because you have roughly words at your disposal — if you write about too many things, you may end up saying too little about individual traits. Find what our consulted MBA applicants speak: Before she realized it, she entered the teaching field and never looked back.

You could site examples to substantiate your response.

isb ylp sample essay

They help students identify and heighten leadership potential. He loves numbers and think they tell a story, if you listen closely enough.

His super-power is his ability to uncomplicate a tangled mess of information into simple, byte-sized facts. A total of offers were made by companies who participated in the placements process.

The admission is contingent upon completion of a minimum of one year and nine months of work experience after under graduation.