Correlation is significant at the 0. PTCL’s profit after tax at Rs 7. The maximum value of return on asset is There is negative significant impact on profitability of the firms on financial leverage which means that profitability and financial leverage are negatively related to each other. If there is one unit increase in Financial Leverage of the firm it will decrease the profitability of the firm by 0. Her study was intended to measure the effect of financial leverage on financial performance of the fuel and energy companies. This is applied business research focusing on current problem that is low commitment of UFONE employees.

It means that as size increases financial leverage also increases. Above hypothesis which tested on these tables and financial data analyzed. The size of the firm has a positive and a significant impact on the financial leverage which means that by increasing one unit of financial leverage the size of the firm increases by 0. Financial Analyst Journal, 24, If one unit increases in financial leverage than the profitability decreases by 0. PTCL is going to be your first choice in the future as well, just as it has been over the past six decades.

Capital structure refers to the different options used by a firm literatude financing its assets. According to Odit and Chittoo in and s, the inclusion of debt in capital structure were considered as evil. The return on operating assets stands at Financial leverage, in the context of this study, is defined as the degree to which a firm employs borrowed money.

The major portion of debt arises from current liabilities.

literature review of ufone

Subscriber base of fixed voice segment also witnessed growth during the year. The large debt will decrease the ROE, because in Pakistan economic conditions are poor. Financial data for different companies ranging in their own sectors was collected and then financial data from to was used to run pooled regression in order to find out any existing relationship The results were pretty astonishing as it literaature proved that leverage had no impact on either of the equity elements.


The determinants of capital structure choice.

Ufone in Current Competitive Era and its Employees Level of Commitment

Show full item record. The identity has a green background, which rdview solidity, inspires confidence and denotes Etisalat the mother brand. It declined from Today, for millions of people, we demand instant access to new products and ideas.

But international incoming calls fell by Attention Capture and Distraction from Context Cues.

literature review of ufone

Jones have appeared in Meridian: Financial risk is the risk to the stockholders that is caused by an increase in debt and preferred equities in a company’s capital structure. Today businesses can have lines with modern day services to meet their needs. Of these, the cost of services of Rs. The PTA attributed this to the increase in the subscriber base and the attractive call packages offered by cellular companies.

Ufone in Current Competitive Era and its Employees Level of Commitment

The finding of the study has shown a positive significant impact of financial position and profitability ratios on the firm bankruptcy score. In this attempt to maximize the overall value, firms differ with respect to capital structures. Many local and Multinational companies are producing chemical products which not only cater the local needs but also earn profitable returns as a result of International exports.


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The corporation provides telephonic and Internet services nationwide and is the backbone for the country’s ljterature infrastructure despite the arrival of a dozen other telecommunication corporations, including Telenor Corps and China Mobile Ltd.

The determinants of capital structure choice.

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Result signifies the scope of concept and highlights a good relation. Cellular mobile services in Pakistan commenced in 90s when two cellular mobile telephone licenses were awarded to Paktel and Pak. Equity to assets ratio 11 1. Total debt to equities ratio 10 1. Mean while, a look at the financial statements of parent companies of cellular companies for 9MCY13 indicates their growth literatufe slowed down.

literature review of ufone

Financial leverage results from the difference between the rate of return the company earn on investment in its own asset and the rate of return the company must pay its creditors Garrison et al. Etisalat, which has 33 million subscribers in 14 countries, has made acquisitions and investments in excess of Dh 30 billion in expanding international operations.