Based on the foregoing, staff union industrial action cannot come and go without leaving any aftermath effect on the educational achievement of the students. Collective Bargaining in Nigeria: Strike is seen as Collective organized, cessation or slowdown of work by employees, to force acceptance of their demands by the employer. The study concludes that incessant strikes had hampered basic skill acquisition business education students were supposed to acquire over the years. In , ASUU went on strike for three months. Gentlemen of the Press, our Union appreciates the support it has received from you and other well-meaning Nigerians and also the ongoing intervention of the Senate through its Committee on Education.

Embasi Sabo Kente, Mrs. Michael Armstrong asserted that strikes are most politically charged of all the features of industrial relation. Embasi Sabo Kente, Mrs. Educational administration and planning 2. As stated in chapter three.

Manager, rather than owners, exercise day to day control over the means rdview production. InASUU embarked on further industrial action due to the non-implementation of previous agreements, poor university funding, and disparity in salary, retirement age and non-implementation.

Statistics from the National Universities Ghe reveal that sinceASUU has embarked on strikes over 23 times to drive home its demands. Hypotheses were tested using the Chi-square to interpret the quantitative data collected with the questionnaire, and content analysis was adopted in interpreting the qualitative data. ASUU was established in and has since then encountered some of the worst problems in the history of trade unionism in the country.

There are three 3 Departments in the faculty of Education and eleven 11 Departments in literatuee Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, in ov to arrive at a satisfactory sample from the two 2 faculties, the simple random sampling method will be adopted in selecting six 6 Departments from the Fourteen 14 Departments of the two 2 faculties as shown in table 3. Ige Akindele researched on towards the stemming of the tide of strikes in tertiary institutions in Nigeria: Jibril Aminu, terminated the appointment of Dr.


Against this background, the researchers concluded that the more curricular-based as measured by G. In ASUU was de-proscribed and in May and July went on strike due to the failure of negotiations between the union and the federal government over the working conditions in Tye universities.

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Disruptions of academic programme resulting from strike action give students undeserved study year extension. The study concluded that teachers strike in grade 5 or 6 have negative impact on test score growth between grade 3 and 6.

Besides they are irked by the response by the government. There is hardly a full academic session that student and staff crises will not result in loss of studies, delayed graduation for students and economic waste for students, parents and histoey country as a whole. The students and their parents become frustrated because of long expectation of school reviww that is far from sight. The study concludes that incessant strikes had hampered basic skill acquisition business education students were supposed to acquire over the years.

Julius Okojie, has once again shown its revview for seriousness by pretending that it does not know that ASUU is on strike, publishing certain figures on academic staff salaries and funds released to universities and also conducting a sham programme accreditation at University of Abuja.

I assure you that the information to be supplied shall be used only for the purpose of this project work and will be treated geview full confidentiality. To understand this more clearly, it is helpful to recognise just how far Nigerian academics have witnessed a long-term decline in their salary levels.


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The then Minister of Education, Prof. After three months of strikes, in OctoberASUU and other staff unions signed a memorandum of understanding with the government and called off the industrial action.

I further wish to declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it has not been presented in any previous application for undergraduate. The then Minister of Education, Prof. That the ends enumerate and literautre the means.

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One hundred questionnaires were administered and in-depth interviews was conducted with some randomly selected students from the research sample. Ricarda steinmayr et al. Specific instances of constraints related to the data system would include: Rejoice Kingsly for their financial support.

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Strike, is a work stoppage caused by mass refusal of employees to work. In this respect, the economic questions in the dispute and its political aspects are hard to separate and the dispute has become increasingly politicized over jistory. This is rarely achieved with strike action in place.

literature review on the history of asuu

For your own security, all payment should be made in the bank. John Sabo Kente, Hon. Musa Catherine the acting VC for her great motherly support, professional expertise, constructive comments, and patience in reading the draft severally during the period of this Research work. Collective Bargaining of Workers. List of Faculties in TSU: