After the formation of Longleng District, the college is upgraded to Government College and Honours course being introduced for certain subjects. Outcome Nagaland being the senior most states next to Assam now let us try to know what the state has to offer to the remaining North Eastern states of India. The number of dances may be in the order of several hundreds. Technological adaptation demands highly skilled human resources. Chinese scholars such as Xuanzang and Yi Jing arrived in Indian institutions of learning to survey Buddhist texts. The people had almost no contact with the outside world.

As time progressed, due to superiority complexes, the education was imparted on the basis of caste and the related duties that one had to perform as a member of a specific caste. Social condition of Phom community Sample survey conducted solely on Phom community reveals the following facts. Retrieved 27 August The present generation of people of Nagaland holds that where there is Christianity there is education. In other words ‘Zawlbuk’ or the Bachelor’s dormitory was an institution where the young Mizo males not only picked up skills in self-defence but developed a positive attitude to life based on hope-spun values as well. Every tribe have their own dance forms, some of which are of great artistic excellence. The history of education began with teaching of traditional elements such as Indian religions , Indian mathematics , Indian logic at early Hindu and Buddhist centres of learning such as ancient Takshashila in modern-day Pakistan and Nalanda in India before the common era.

Proceedings of the seminar held at Tge College, Longleng on November 9. The senior boys were entrusted the task to train the junior in handicraft specially basketry and warfare and in handling of weapons. Its Library was one of the biggest ij Asia, and the first printing press was mounted there. Though the women section of the tribes at Meghalaya take the responsibility of the household work, men are responsible for the mental and material life of his family.


In the second phase, the population of the study was decided. While some science related subjects were not allowed in the government curriculum in the s the private institutions could also not follow science courses due to lack of funds required to establish laboratories etc. The importance of the Zawlbuk in Mizo society was to shape the Mizo youths, into responsible adult members of stkdy.

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This exclusive and select leadership was almost entirely “clean-caste” and mainly Brahman. The duties of the head of the dormitory were to control the affairs and activities of the dormitory to maintain discipline among the members and promote cooperative social action. The community are forging ahead to adopt scientific and technological innovations and they are quite enthusiastic in generating technically skilled human resources.

Remember me on this computer. Protection of cultural heritage is economical, historical and a cultural process.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent – Wikipedia

Special features of each of these dances, with local variants, portray the hopes and fears of the people trough movement. For the promotion of Hindi language a Rashtrabhasa Hindi Training Institute instituted in the year in order to impart Hindi language. The boys over six years of age were entrusted with duty of supplying firewood to ensure that the hearth was always alight.

Education is the major instrument of social transformation. All the respondents are non-vegetarian. It is really a very sad state of affair. Every society undergoes change in all kinds of activity. One such most backward community is found in the state of Nagaland of the North Eastern Region of India.


make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

afte Also, there exists a Indira Gandhi National Open University study centre which is catering to the needs of the people through various courses. The inhabitations of the people are scattered over 12 towns and villages in Arunachal Pradesh. Out of the total population, 8.

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Past experience is a lesson for the new generation to shape the future generation in a desired way. It is interesting to focus that tribal people knowledge used to be acquired through first- hand experience and this is reflected in afyer form of ritual, festivals, art and tools. North-East Indian tribes are undoubtedly one of the most colourful and culturally rich communities of India.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent

Emphasis was mainly put on training for citizenship. Even moral instruction covering marriage affairs were also imparted. Distribution of indigenous people all over the world is shown in Table 1. Spread of education is really appreciating.

Some of the respondents are found to be holding key pots political, religious or social welfare organization. Jaintia are known by different names such as Syntengs, Jayantias and Pnars. It also encourages teachers and students to gain enhanced respect for local culture, its wisdom ecucation its ethics, and provides ways of teaching and learning locally relevant knowledge and skills. Feld of these 77 paddy field owners only five of them have plantation or forest products.