Issues are then recorded at this weighted average price. Download mgt mid term 5. In order to have exactly the required minimum balance at the end of February, Samson must: What will be the value of closing stock? It is vital to note that relevant costs are always future costs. A total of 80, units were produced and sold last month.

If the company desires a target net income of Rs. So product B should be made by the company and sold instead of A. Prepare a production budget for second quarter of year. By definition, an opportunity cost is one which measures the cost of sacrificing one course of action in favour of another. Sales price Per unit 2 1 Contribution margin 1 2 Required: Download mgt mid term 7. It is your duty to make this website as positive manner.

A cash purchase of equipment costing Rs.

Each table requires 10 bd. Prepare a production budget for January through March Question No: Budgeted production costs are 30, units per annum. We have huge range of mgt virtual university past papers available to download. Download mgt mid term 1.

How many equivalent units gmt402 produced? Chemical A can be sold at split off while chemical B currently cost Rs. Download mgt final term 9. How would these changes affect the break-even point? Use our share handout services.


mgt402 final term paper

It sells two products Tetra and Mint. The selling price for each unit is Rs. Required Produce a revised costing schedule for the special project based on relevant costing principles.

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And we are considering only current in process. Variable costs associated with each unit were Rs. If these calculators are upgraded at a total cost of Rs.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Issues are then recorded at this weighted average price. What is the relevant cost of labor if the labor must be hired from outside the organization? The equivalent units of output are 50, Cost of opening finished goods Rs.

These will be incurred regardless of the decision. BDH expects sales to be 30, units at Rs.

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This document is mg4t02 to store incharge and approved by: The company uses a FIFO costing. This is an example of an opportunity cost, a relevant cost for decision-making. It takes 3 direct labor hours at a rate of Rs. They could be transferred from another department to undertake the work on the special order.


mgt402 final term paper

The variable costs change in direct proportion to output if flexible budgeting approach is adopted, the budget controller can analyze the variance between actual costs and budgeted costs depending upon the actual level of activity attained during a period of time. Download mgt final term 8.

MGT402 final term moaaz file and reference mega file

How much was the per-unit contribution margin? What sales level in units will provide a profit of Rs.

mgt402 final term paper

Given this information, what is the expected cost of goods sold for the next period? Download mgt mid term 7. Download mgt final term 5. Assuming that the opening cash balance on July 01 is Rs.