The same was duly notified in the Bulletin of Information which was admittedly within the knowledge of the petitioner. It was never intended to lay down any hard and fast rules. This bond develops over the 3-year training period, but extends and matures even after that, lasting a life time. These nation-wide competitions assess endocrinology students in various formats, including thesis presentation, quiz and public speaking. Dedicated laboratory endocrinology postings are a part of the DM training schedule as well. It has also been vehemently submitted that the provisions of the Bulletin were fully known to the petitioner at the time she submitted her application form and that the same have been incorporated in larger public interest, the respondent has explained that the National Board of Examinations does not want that the candidate to know as to which of the examiners has awarded or given how many marks to the candidate. At the same time, an evaluation has to be made of the candidates ability to diagnose quickly and urgently and treat as per the needs of the patient.

Teaching programs includes case presentations, journal discussions and reviews of burning topics. Shri George Fernandes, M. According to the respondents, there is a threat perception that lecturers and professors would be harassed, bullied and maltreated by students who are failed in the examination. University of Bombay and Ors. It also must be remembered that the best oral interview provides opportunity for analysis of only a very small part of a person’s total behavior. Based on this submission, the petitioner has sought a prayer seeking quashing of the provisions in Clause 6. This amount is usually adequate to meet daily living expenses and the cost of educational material.

It is not the respondent’s contention that several thousands or lakhs take this examination or that there is any procedural or practical difficulty involved with the disclosure of the result. Tushar Bandgar, Ameya Joshi. The Pathologist in sttaus has thus to be mentally alert. It is necessary to notice the submission on behalf of the respondents claiming privilege over the disclosure of the marks of the candidate.

Endocrinology training in India

Naturally, the court will pass orders on different dates as and when writ petitions are filed. However in matters natbard to admission to higher courses as M.


So far as clinical specialisations are concerned, a candidate has to work on patients. There cannot be any rule of thumb regarding the precise weight to be given. The respondent has failed to point out even a single instance in this behalf has stztus pointed out other than an apprehension that an examiner would be harmed at the instance of a failed candidate.

Having regard to the scheme of the examination and the manner in which examinations have been conducted from the record produced before me, I find that the assessment of the candidate is not done by a single expert but is effected by three or four experts in the field who are drawn from institutions of repute in different places.

Natboard Thesis Paper

The petitioner has submitted that she secured ststus good first division in her school leaving examination and was granted admission to the MBBS course after passing the entrance examination in her first attempt. The aforenoticed cases before the Apex Court relate to admission to different courses and the selection process which was provided in respect thereof. Chandrashekharan ; Vijay Sayal v.

It is the specific case of the commission that natboarr order to achieve such an objective, a centralized system of evaluation of answer-books is adopted wherein different examiners examined the answer-books on the basis of model natborad prepared by the head examiner with the assistance of other examiners. It is well settled that this Court cannot be called upon to issue a futile writ.

This can be done by attending approved CME programs, delivering talks at designated meetings, or publishing in indexed journals. The first condition of its successful use is the full recognition of its limitations.

Endocrinology training in India

These interactions help improve the standard of endocrinology in the country. It is submitted that this stipulation is also a reasonable one as it intends to achieve a laudable purpose and hence does not impinge on the rights of the petitioner under Article 19 1 a of the Constitution. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. It is contended that the denial of the information with regard to the marks obtained by a candidate is a denial of the right of a citizen to know the circumstances in which he or she has failed the examination.

At the same time, clinical subjects as medicine, opthalmology, gynaecology, neurology etc require extensive work in clinical departments. Para clinical specialities as pathology, microbiology and such like subjects would require laboratory and research work. On merits it has been contended that the oral examinations were conducted by four different experts each of whom has assessed the abilities of the petitioner objectively and in great detail and have awarded the marks secured by her.


natboard thesis status

Not it is true that no record of questions and answers asked and given at the M. In the instant case, nztboard per the scheme of the examination, the candidates undergo a theory examination and a practical examination. Apart from the petitioner, several other candidates were also examined as per the result sheet produced before this Court by the same examiners who also failed to secure staatus requisite pass percentage and were hence failed in the examination.

Statys my mind, no parity can be drawn between such testing and the conventional interview conducted in an office room from behind a desk. Again, no such stand has been taken by the respondents in the counter affidavit or in the explanation which has been rendered. The answer book was not sent directly by the court either to the Registrar of the Patna university or to the Principal of the Science College.

natboard thesis status

Sub-regulation 3 stipulated that no candidate shall claim or be entitled to revaluation of his answers or disclosure or inspection of the answer books or other documents as these were treated by the Divisional Board as most confidential.

Khalid Mujib Sehravardi and other cases. Of course, the marks must be minimal so as to avoid charges of arbitrariness but not necessarily always.

In view of the challenge which has been laid in my view, this prohibition would required to be examined in the light of the principles which have been laid down by the courts so far as challenges to delegated legislations are concerned. To quote the words tuesis Chinnappa Reddy,J.

Physical examination may be required to be combined with the results of pathological or radiological tests.