It was assumed that Nike was willing to change it practices in order to prevent human rights violations. The shoe and apparel producer could not afford to continue to see its name dragged through the mud. In China, Indonesia, and Vietnam where the majority of Nike shoes are made workers are denied the basic right to organize independent unions. CSR profile of Nike, Inc. Nike Vietnam Report, March These were basic recommendations that outlined the crucial areas that needed the most drastic improvements. The current practice of excessive, forced overtime sometimes over 70 hours per month would be considered abusive by any standards.

Beside Nike factories, we had an opportunity to visit two other shoe factories in Vietnam: First, the apparel industry itself feared that Congress might be driven to legislate corrections without corporate input. And we believe they are the most advanced and best physical facilities in the world. Eighteen and one half months later the AIP returned with a document that only a subset of the taskforce had agreed upon. CSR companies will be more inclined towards performing their social responsibility and promoting protection of human rights and generating economic, social and environmental benefits after ten years from now Strandberg. The uplifting of impoverished people, the better values for consumers in industrialized nations, and most of all, the increased understandings between peoples of different cultures.

Retrieved October 28,from http: Companies tend to respond well to severe monetary fines.

Labor conditions in Chinese and Indonesian factories were questioned in some of the reports, pay scales of Asian line workers and famous athletes were compared, and Nike was even blamed for abandoning the American shoe manufacturing industry of which it was never a significant part.

Nike should make changes in its policy in response tsudy the negative criticism, but should not hinder the ability of the company to compete in the market place. The Interfaith Center On Corporate Responsibility ICCRin a report based on a recent visit to Nike and Reebok plants in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, found that the health and nkie standards had improved and that progress was being made in limiting excessive overtime.

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Nike Vietnam Report, March These were basic recommendations that outlined the crucial areas that needed the most drastic improvements. Nobody like to admit what they czse was wrong. Conditions for these workers have been a source of heated debate, with allegations made by campaigns of poor conditions, with harassment and abuse.


nike inc sweatshops case study

The thing that we have learned more than anything else in this process is that when Nike has gone into a country with its manufacturing operations, wages have increased and poverty has decreased.

It was therefore important that a company such as Nike, that has such a profound influence on the cultural, as well as business world, be a pivotal player in improving human rights all over the world.

nike inc sweatshops case study

While Adidas was looking to grow in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Nike wanted to get a leg up in clothing the nearly 2 billion people in China alone. The problem is that Nike mainly receives its wares from countries like China in which formation of unions is limited or even banned. Factory people are not directly related but they are sttudy connected with company.

CSR profile of Nike, Inc.

Human rights groups hope that Nike will work with them to pressure local governments to release jailed labor leaders and change labor laws and practices to reflect internationally recognized labor rights. The company’s image has casse damaged many times by press releases as well as a variety of NGOs who have long pointed out the inhumane working conditions in the production facilities of stuey goods manufacturers. The first was that people questioned whether there was sufficient independence between those monitoring the factories and the corporations themselves.

Nike has become one of those global companies targeted by a broad range of campaigning pressure groups and journalists as a symbolic representation of the business in nile.

Special attention should also be paid to the factor of stress.

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The recommendations were directed at Nike, but was indirectly a call to all corporations all over the world swfatshops implement them to improve conditions. Once the situation improves, then Nike can shift this priority. Hence the best solution for current situation is that Nike pay as per the current industry rules of the market. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.


Sweatshop Debate: Nike Case Study Essay

Each factory will be given three months from the date the final report was made to make corrections to bring the air quality levels to those set forth by the OSHA.

Large corporations from the United States have moved a large portion of their factories overseas to circumvent the strict working regulations within the United States. Nike should levy a stiff monetary penalty on the contracting company whenever it violates the Code of Conduct.

Nike could comply with its competitors’ policy on low-cost sweatwhops chains overseas so that civil activists will sweqtshops be able to point out Nike’s responsibility 1. Many of other companies, such as Wal-mart, do sweatzhops the same business model, and they also hold corporate responsibilities to the society.

First, the speaker, Nike and its officers, engaged in commerce. For example, the company hired well known independent auditors to look into the practices of the violation of labor rights in its associate companies.

Nike. Inc., and Sweatshops

When the Nixon administration cut the yen dollar loose from its exchange rate that had existed since the end of World War II. CSR and business ethics were not popular and common concept ten years ago. This was very questionable activity coming from a corporation that had been fighting a public relations battle for the last half decade.

nike inc sweatshops case study

The document also provides for sdeatshops Department of Labor Wage Study which will attempt to create a sustainable living wage for each nation, but it does not commit participating companies to assure their workers that level of pay.

However, these changes have not come about as quickly as many would have hoped. The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor at both the local and district levels were very helpful to us in arranging meetings with factory workers outside factories.