These claims take, on average, 90 days to get right. Flexibility can help in saving resources. The hospital staff cannot take time to ‘get into the routine’ of treating a particular complaint; they must have the flexibility to adapt quickly. Flexibility maintains dependability Internal flexibility can also help to keep the operation on schedule when unexpected events disrupt the operation’s plans. Dependability gives stability The disruption caused to operations by a lack of dependability goes beyond time and cost.

This may mean changing what the operation does, how it is doing it or when it is doing it. ISO will be use for the quality test. This is a simple three-stage process, but in practice material does not flow smoothly from one stage to the next. Although comparing the cost structure of different operations is not always straightforward and depends on how costs are categorized, some general points can be made. For example, if an insurance company has a strategy of moving to an entirely on-line service, its marketing ‘operation’ must organize appropriate promotions activities. In doing this they should be progressing from a state where they are contributing very little to the competitive success of the business through to the point where they are directly responsible for its competitive success.

You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Speedy operations cuts down the in-process inventory level and also saving the cost ogjectives administrative overheads. For Minutia, quality means consistently producing impeccable services, using top-class and durable materials to create the right impression and environment, and anticipating and penanng all potential problems in advance.

The business strategy is use to create leverage resources and capabilities in way that results in super value creation compared to other competitors.

The company’s employees have indicated that they would be willing to adopt a flexible working scheme where extra hours could be worked when necessary in exchange for having the hours off at a less busy time and receiving some kind of extra payment.


Wants and needs of the customers the stuffs of the hotel will try the best to fulfill. A number of suggestions have mutiafa made to speed up this process and, by doing so, save money.

Penang mutiara

There are several ways which can help in communication improvement. Four-stage progression model[Online] Available at: One increasingly common method of ensuring that ambulances arrive quickly at the accident site is to position them not at hospitals but close to where accidents are likely to occur. While for the stage II, the companies will ask the manufacturing organization to be more neutral so companies able to meet the standard imposed by the major competitors.

This is not always easy but we do our best.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

Dependability Dependability means do things on time. A company choice and execution of staffs will affect the number and types of people when hiring.

Judging operations in terms of their agility has become popular. Penang Mutiara is one the luxurious hotels in South-East Asia.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Wernie has the vision and very clear focused beliefs about the importance of running an effective operation where customers have every operatkonal to demand for first class service which they are obliged to provide for. The SSG’s ability to achieve high levels of dependability is made possible by the technology employed in news caae and editing. But if an operations function cannot produce its products and services effectively, it could anxwers the business by handicapping its performance no matter how it positions itself in its markets.

Some of the hospital’s costs will be payments to outside suppliers of drugs, medical supplies and externally sourced services such as cleaning, but probably not as high a proportion as in the car factory. John Hendry-Pickup, 9 Source: Entrance of the Penang Mutiara Hotel Sources from: Advertising may help company to become more successful.


Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Hospital Automobile plant ” . Dependability – must be particularly important for the NC service otherwise newspapers would be left out, causing litter in the streets, also important for the GR service though perhaps marginally less so because speed dominates.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Our quality of service just has to be impeccable. Continuous improvement of operations practice. Staffs enjoy the benefit of empowerment to make speedy decisions in order to achieve efficiency so as to reduce seeking high authority approval which take ages. Paradoxically, its goal is ‘to be ignored’ or ‘internally neutral’. We will write a custom sample essay on Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara specifically for you.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Time abswers be the important issues for affecting the company reputation. Flexibility speeds up response Fast service often depends on the operation being flexible.

Once customers feel satisfied, customers will help to promote company business to the surrounding people. For both operations, identify how quality, speed, dependability and flexibility can help to reduce the cost of producing their services. Increasing the profit margin can be appropriate and this allow company to assimilate waste overheads related with smaller batch production.

All operations staffs very clear the importance operations objectives and their implications.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers