Sign In or Register to comment. The most frequently asked questions were about how to enter the profession, and the exams needed to qualify. After leaving his Research career he continued to grow this business, but after years of personal investing and fielding questions about the stock market from his friends, and later, hundreds of readers of his online properties, he decided to pursue financial planning as a career. I felt I was ready to sit the exam in October which would have reduced the time to reaching Diploma level to under a year and a half. We can help people retire much earlier than they thought possible and we regularly save clients from losing thousands in tax charges they were unaware of due to the intricacies of HMRC. March edited March I was worried about leaving it too long and forgetting all the facts I had built up in my short-term memory.

Please complete this form to join our community Name Email Company Select your role: In my case I needed to prepare more. Allow at least 2 months of evenings to study. Unsurprisingly, the book is almost as long as R02, despite being worth only half the credits, and also includes formulae and calculations. If your employer wants you to do exams and are funding them, be grateful!

R06 Expected Solution and Paraplanner of the year.

| Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning Achieved

Having built web properties from nothing to domains with thousands of unique visitors a month within a few short years he understands the web and the still huge potential of running online properties for lead-generation and brand awareness, important in this industry. Reasons we might not be heading for a 214.

r06 case study october 2014

This saves the company money on examination costs and reduces the risks involved in employing a trainee. Adam wishes to embark on a financial planning career after being inspired by his own investing journey… which started after graduating from university. As with all the exams, revision should still be treated seriously. Give yourself a little more time to prepare compared with R The exam tests the practical application of technical knowledge and planning skills already gained.


The most frequently asked questions were about how to enter the profession, and the exams needed to qualify.

This module is to develop knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics. As I was self-employed at the time, my studying impacted on the amount of time I could commit to earning money, and the exams and learning resources octobet also expensive.

What makes it easier is there are no multi-response questions, unlike modules RR04, which each have a difficult set of multi-response questions towards the end. R03 — Personal taxation This module is deceptively difficult. In fact, a reader of this site managed to do the full diploma in 6 months. A paraplanner provides technical octobef and support to advisers. The winner will receive: I plan on sitting the exam for the April sitting so today is a good day to get serious about learning the content and preparing for the exam.

The consensus online says this is the hardest exam of the R0s but I found the subject matter interesting so perhaps my enthusiasm for the content dtudy studying easier and got me over the line.

Although I got very close to passing missing out by one markit would take a few more months of learning to really understand the content enough to answer complex questions caae combined various tax topics. Suffice to say, the strategy worked and I had a steady stream of students to talk with.

They need to probe well for relevant details r066 get to the heart of what the client wants to achieve. I ordered the R04 textbook whilst still stuck on R03 to maintain momentum. Do you need to do other AF papers to vase AF5? Allow at least 2 months of evenings to study.


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I felt I was on the final straight. In fact, a reader of this site managed to do the full diploma in 6 months. I used Brand Financial Training and was very happy with the output. I was more nervous about my writing hand giving out than the actual exam content! The first 5 R0 exams are computer based, selecting answers on a screen with your mouse.

There is also a ovtober element, explaining to potential clients how financial planning generally, and how the adviser in particular can be valuable in their unique circumstances. R04 — Pensions and retirement planning Another 10 credit module, this exam tests knowledge and understanding of and ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues. I explained that exams certainly are important ccase start, but even the most qualified adviser needs to keep up with the latest innovations and planning opportunities that come around each year.

At first glance the textbook is intimidating, as it has quite a few formulae and mathematical concepts to get your head around. After passing R04 in the summer ofand an entry-level role in a 22014 planning business, my new employer wanted me to concentrate on settling into my new role rather than exams.

I was writing from the very first moment to the last second.

r06 case study october 2014

In my case I needed to prepare more.