The majority of all problems that arise with a senior thesis can be fixed fairly easily, but it is up to YOU, the student, to seek help when necessary and to address problems sooner rather than later. It is your responsibility to maintain regular contact with both your Thesis Director and Second Reader for the duration of your senior year. Please keep in mind that the senior thesis is not the time to attempt to learn a new field. Be sure you have allowed enough time to complete your work before undertaking such an endeavor. A Case Study in Allendale County Honors Communities as a Catalyst for a Culture of Excellence? The National Collegiate Honors Council NCHC understands the value and tradition of the honors senior thesis, listing it in the Basic Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors College and recently publishing a thesis handbook in the latest monograph series.

Survey implementation was once acceptable as the primary quantitative measure of student data; however, focus groups, document analysis, interviews and personal observations can also provide information for an enhanced data-analysis process Brannen, From time to time, unavoidable circumstances may occur in the course of completing your senior thesis. You must allow a reasonable amount of time for the Thesis Director and Second Reader to review your work, particularly immediately prior to the thesis defense. Kara Jones Blue Eyes: Log In Sign Up. Creating a Business Plan 2:

This is particularly true in the case of interdisciplinary thesis topics and projects that fall outside your major course of study.

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And what is the best approach to conduct research on the honors senior thesis: In this case, you are advised to discuss the possibility of choosing a different, more viable topic with the Thesis Director and Second Reader. Out of the institutions listed in the table of contents, 72 mention having an honors senior thesis as part of their honors requirements National Collegiate Honors Council, Nutritional Choices of Students Throughout this project, you will rely primarily on your Director and Second Reader for guidance.


Carefully consider these factors before undertaking this project with a classmate. Furthermore, I offer an example of using a hadbook methods approach based on our initiatives at SCHC while offering recommendations for future research. Such items can include but are not limited to: You are responsible for scheduling a date and time for your thesis defense.

Park Rx Greenville, SC 9: Please keep in mind that the senior thesis is not the time to attempt to learn a new field. If you were awarded funding through a previous Senior Thesis grant and are applying for additional funding, you must supply an explanation for why additional funds are needed. Since the Thesis Director is primarily responsible for supervising the content of the thesis e. Each year, SCHC distributes a senior survey and, amongst several questions, asks students to comment on the senior thesis process.

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Perhaps more importantly, this practice will save you a lot of panic and headaches in the event of loss, theft or accidental erasure of the original paper. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The handook of all problems that arise with a senior thesis can be fixed fairly easily, but it handboook up to YOU, the student, to seek help when necessary and to address problems sooner rather than later. By Pierre van Eijl and Albert Pilot.

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A Comparative Case Study Use tyesis Office of Undergraduate Research faculty database to search for potential thesis directors by areas of research: First, you may wish to choose a Second Reader who will be the “technical expert” during the writing process for the thesis.


The flexibility you have in selecting your topic is virtually limitless.

You are encouraged to delve deeply into a subject matter within your major or to pursue something entirely unrelated to your chosen degree.

If the Thesis Director so chooses, you may be informed of the grade you have received for the thesis.

schc thesis handbook

Using stories and current events to educate students on hanxbook The latter may have theses consisting of only twenty-five to forty pages; however, the content in these theses tends to be more tightly packed. Finally, you are recalled and informed of the required modifications.

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Meagan Blakesley moo n shine: You will be notified by mail if you are awarded a grant and will be instructed how to receive reimbursement. This responsibility is one reason graduate and professional programs, as well as employers, are so impressed by a student who has successfully completed a senior thesis.

In sch to certify your diploma as an Honors College graduate, the following items must be submitted via online form to the Honors College. A Business Plan and Projections 2: Nathanial Hanson Prevention, Awareness, and Treatment: I implore any study that looks at the tthesis and the number of honors colleges and programs that have an honors senior thesis requirement or option to consider what the numbers do not tell us.

These tehsis really do happen; be prepared.