No, Anal Polyp, you don’t know because you are bound and determined to park your wee little noggin up your silly arse. I second your wish of luck to all new readers, who must suffer through these imbeciles. Gary, I’m sorry if my uneducated brain is insulting you and this forum. Newer Post Older Post Home. How are those mining shares doing? While a rise in interest rates might be presumed in the popular media to be theoretically bad for gold, it is more important to ask and answer several related questions before jumping to any particular conclusion. The story, as it turns out, is that Biggs has an old friend, Peter F.

From then through March there was virtually no change in the amount of foreign earmarked gold at the N. Let’s see where we are going! However, there is much to analyze about whether investors will eventually find gold to be attractive or otherwise. It’s not a symbiotic or mutually beneficial relationship. True but what if all the shrimp combined went into bitcoins. Readings from the tricked up CPI of amount to little more than radar-confusing chaff. Bad money drives out good and computer-driven money drives a hard bargain.

Professor Summers Analyzes Gold Prices. If you aren’t getting your readers into physical gold you are getting them into something worse than the system they inherently want to insure themselves against. The timing on freegold has more to do with Chris Martenson’s stadium filling with water than with some external event.

It had to be hidden.

The True Believer

People are starting to understand that something is very wrong with the current system. The Euro’s balance sheet is ‘backed’ by a lot of gold.

While a rise in interest rates might be presumed in the popular media to be theoretically bad for gold, it is more important to ask and answer several related questions before jumping to any particular conclusion. The value of money is not constant.


Barton Biggs: Weekend Gold Worm

Pseudo gold bugs might bite a little, but not enough seriously to offend the summera-barsky that be. While monetary and fiscal policy can be temporarily marshaled to counter a market-initiated credit contraction, as has been done with some success sincesuch intervention can only delay market forces. It’s kinda like an insurance company which only underwrites hurricane insurance having all its reserve assets invested in mortgages on homes within the hurricane zone.

Neither Gibson’s paradox nor Summers and Barsky posit any relationship between gold prices and total returns on equities, whether real or nominal, especially where capital gains rather than earnings or dividends are the principal measure of return.

summers-barsky gold thesis

Michael A misunderstanding, sure. Though I trade paper for fun and profit, I also recognize that the system as it is today won’t be tomorrow.

Will one oz of gold buy you a round trip airfare in economy to Australia? Gary, I’m sorry if my uneducated brain Even with a compounding term of ten years, the dollar beat gold.

For the “” I leave you with this: A core deception of the moment is the notion that a tnesis up ticks of 25 to 50 basis points in short term rates will be sufficient to arrest the forces of inflation set in motion by the most aggressively accommodative Federal Reserve in history.

Saudis have 3 objectives above all else; 1. In the future the freedom of holding gold for the little people could even be challenged at gunpoint if the lust for power and control burdens holders enough. Yold what I want to say is that the longer this goes on the more wind bitcoin will get and if it gets big enough I fear it may be a competitor to freegold. You are aka JohnW, no? AP, you don’t have near enough sense to properly order whatever bullshit data you may have collected.


Try looking at your legacy, instead. Summer’s is quite well off as a result, and Yellen has the chair.

summers-barsky gold thesis

You are then putting value on your life over gold, in a true selfish, modern, impatient, manner. It only relies on someone thinking they were right and using that theory as the reasoning for systemically suppressing the price summesr-barsky gold.

Because Morgan Stanley is an investment bank, its gold and other derivatives do not appear in the OCC’s reports, and unlike Goldman Sachs, it had not previously been visibly active in suppressing summers-brasky prices on the COMEX.

Bitcoin does not do this.

FOFOA: Gold as a FOREX Currency

In the movement of gold, via currency, a spur and brake function is established and international imbalances settled, due to its future systemic placement. BS shifted the focus to the relative price gold and relative real interest rates summers-bbarsky order to try to connect the gold standard Gibson paradox observations with the post-gold standard years.

If you question whether credit was money then, please see J. Damage to a far broader range of financial assets will occur when the inexorable rise in rates actually begins. Slowly, more and more of a percentage of settlement will be asked for in real gold. How should we compare this to the USG?