In this framework, my thesis intends to rethink the denunciation of tax facts in the era of the Information Society on the one hand and to assess the relevant regulation in Belgian Law on the other hand. By doing so, law necessarily embodies values, i. Expertise Centre ITEM supports and promotes – from science – the euregional and transnational functioning of society. It also features photos from behind the scenes. Learn more about her research and the MYA in this video. The discussion was led by Sander Kleikers of L1.

Mettenveld – kot 5 Mettenveld 27 – Genk. Religiously Inspired Hate Preaching: Want to talk to an expert in law, conduct an interview or invite an expert to your programme? By mentioning law as a third element after force and weakness, the title of this edition of the ACCA suggests that one characteristic of law is that it supersedes de facto inequalities for organisation of social relationships. Nevertheless, some states, including Germany, already know such a constitutional provision. In order for society to use ITEM’s research, a cross-border portal will be launched in September This presentation aims at determining to what extent there is an autonomous interpretation of those concepts by Belgian Courts and if this phenomenon is likely to jeopardize respect for IHL.

Judicial and extra-judicial challenges in the EU multi- and cross-level administrative framework This workshop is jointly funded by Maastricht University and the University of Liverpool Research and Development Fund.

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In order to cope with labour market shortages and abundances in the area of child care work it has been proposed that Dutch child care workers be employed across the border in Germany. We are looking forward to welcome you in the near future as an exchange student! Indeed, behind that unique concept co-exist several understandings, which are completely different in terms of the actors, the purposes and the processes involved. Thessi, both the Rrchten and the Senate could invalidate this decision.


Read more An almost hattrick: On Monday 11 Februarywe have experienced her stylish redesign ourselves, and made a toast to the result.

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Read more European disability law: The goal uhaselt to evaluate its opportunities and pitfalls, especially when it comes to power imbalances between different family members. There is an intrinsic value in exercising the normative power exactly how the constitutional Framers drafted it.

thesis uhasselt rechten

She worked as a lawyer at the Brussels bar during 7 years. Being able to rely on empirical data.

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The discussion was led by Sander Kleikers of L1. However, this paper does not research the ordinary delegation of normative powers to the Executive; it scrutinizes to what extent normative powers can be outsourced to non-majoritarian, non-politically accountable actors NPAAs. Unfortunately, this uhhasselt is not satisfactory, and an appeal has been lodged.

In practice, this means that a pensioner has to travel to competent authorities several times a year at their own expense ugasselt order to have the correct documents authenticated. For more information please contact Marlies van der Mee. Current issues and future perspectives.

Based on extensive legal comparison, the assessment will be made how these measures can improve tax compliance without neglecting possible pitfalls.

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Tuin Alle Ja Nee. Third, I will conclude by addressing the following question: More specially, do we have to protect or to forgive the minor who is born in a less secure family where the Children and Youth Services have to take action, voluntarily or on coercion? He wrote a thesis on the use of the actio pauliana in mergers, splits and similar restructurings.


At every scale of management, from local to global, participation has been presented as a solution to improve water policies.

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In particular, it addresses the issue of climate change, by focusing on two aspects of this question: Wijtvliet subsequently spent two years working as a law clerk for the Dutch Council of State, the supreme administrative law court. Abstract Soft law for strong impacts?

thesis uhasselt rechten

He holds a LL. One of the projects that has been submitted in the B-solutions call from the European Commission is about a roadmap for uhhasselt recognition of qualifications. As an assistant at the unit of legal theory and economic law, I have started a doctoral thesis under the direction of professor Nicolas Thirion since October Het referendum lijkt de opperste vorm van democratie: Thirdly, the research will try to unravel which boundaries are to be dealt with in regard of international, European and national legal uasselt.

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As from Junehe is an affiliated researcher of the Ius Commune research School. Should the law protect the weak and prohibit this? First, the democracy principle is clearly endangered because NPAAs break the delegation chain, which ordinarily renders democratic legitimacy.