It emphasizes the concept of a “social contract,” and analyzes historical development in Western philosophers such as Hobbes, Locke, Hume and Rousseau. What are the principles of rational inquiry? This course explores attempts by philosophers, in the 19th and 20th centuries, to create alternative social movements that are highly critical of existing social organizations and the state form of life. This course examines both the classical positivist accounts of scientific theory and practice and the more recent accounts of development and change in the global scientific culture. Daun received mentorship at a Waldorf school in Kingston and has bilingual proficiency with French Immersion teaching success. Daun Lynch started her teaching career 12 years ago at the Halifax Independent School and expanded to the Ottawa-Carleton school district in Ontario.

This is a course for students who seek a well-supported, strongly integrated adjustment to life and learning within the university environment. Is morality real or not? We especially love those who can write clearly, succinctly, and offer poignant illustrations. She led the first paid co-operative program for youth outside of the Armed Services in Canada, and further expanded the program to run in its second year on Reserve for Aboriginal youth. Contemporary secondary literature about Nozick and Walzer may also be studied. Cross-listed with Philosophy Lectures: Assorted all viewed in pictures.

Students explore the three traditional theories of humour Superiority theory, Incongruity theory and Relief theory as found in thinkers such as Plato, Hobbes, Kant, Schopenhauer, Spencer, and Freud.

We love critical, creative, and reflective thinkers. Cross-listed with Philosophy Semester hours of credit: Nana is well known and respected in Montessori networks. The UPEI Faculty of Business bridges education and business world experience with innovative and flexible programs emphasizing enterprise and entrepreneurship, our graduates leave with knowledge, skills, and the competitive edge to be successful in any business environment.


What are some of the traditional arguments regarding the existence of God? As well, students are exposed to several logical systems that purport to extend classical logic.

Leave your email address and we’ll get in touch! Lectures, discussion and group presentation. Current first-year students beginning classes in September who have registered in English will remain in English Are there different types of knowledge?

Is morality relativistic, universal, objective, subjective, instrumental, intrinsic, or a fiction?

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Programs and Courses Faculty of Arts. She holds a P. The course aids the student in recognizing occurrences of these fallacies, and the conditions for logical error and weak argumentation in general. Search radius km Increase the search radius for more results.

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Emphasis is on critically understanding historical, cultural and ideological diversity while exploring the moral contours of human-nature interactions, both locally and globally. The study of the connections reveal the vast impact that science and technology have on our understanding of the world and our views on the future as well as on personal identity and the human body. Is morality real or not?

The course will focus on the meaning of war for philosophers in particular, and study World War II dritical who became philosophers such as Stuart Hampshire, R. UPEI’s programs offer personalized learning experiences, small class sizes, great access to professors and instructors, and career-focused outcomes. Overview In response to feedback obtained from faculty and students, UPEI began a review of our Global Issues offering—a mandatory course for first-year students—in September of Increase the search radius for more results.


Notify me when new ads are posted. A requirement of Philosophy tuinking be a written thesis words and an oral defence. The department, acting as a committee, will determine who is admitted based on the following considerations:.

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine website Admission Requirements. He has spent the last three summers playing for world leaders and Ottawa tourist as part of the Ceremonial Guard at Parliament playing percussion. This course examines both the classical positivist accounts of scientific theory and practice and the more recent accounts of development and change in the global scientific culture.

Different types of errors of reasoning are critically evaluated, such as argument from authority, begging the question, faulty causal correlation, appeal to emotions, inadequate sample, and deceptive use of statistics.

Contemporary theories of H. This course introduces thinling recent paradigm shift from anthropocentric ethics to biocentric ethics. As part of this course, the student will be required to produce a substantive proposal for his or her honours thesis Philosophy Mary Ellen lives in Upwi and has a passion for step dance and Gaelic football.

Students now have the option of choosing between one of three mandatory first year courses that prepare them for the academic experience at UPEI.

upei critical thinking

Isis lives in Winsloe with her family, and beloved German Shepard. Cross-listed with Business Business Semester hours of credit: