Here you will find useful information about thesis format and style, including templates for Word and LaTeX. Be prepared to be able to summarise your main arguments and to explain your choice of approach and methodology. Programs that choose to host a remote examination assume the following responsibilities: The involvement of an Examiner with the candidate or Supervisor in a personal capacity, such as: If the thesis has involved the use of animal or human subjects, the candidate must provide evidence of the necessary ethics approval from the appropriate committee, such as a copy of the UWO ethics approval form in an appendix. Unacceptable to go forward to defense Unacceptable: For information on the use of animals consult the Animal Care and Veterinary Service website http:

You will receive an e-mail from the repository confirming receipt of your work. The record should also be understood to be permanently available — once published electronically, it can be withdrawn from Scholarship Western , but digital copies will inevitably persist. Graduate programs may elect the option of remote examination when one examiner is not present in person upon approval of the candidate, remote participant and graduate chair. It should not include graphs, charts, illustrations or tables. Providing a dedicated support resource to the conference to ensure the best possible experience for all participants during the examination Ensuring that a backup technology exists in the event that the primary solution fails Ensuring that a list of questions from the remote examiner has been obtained in advance of the examination date and are available to the Chair of the examination this serves as back-up in cases where the connection to the remote examiner is lost Testing the remote connection with the examiner in advance of the examination Examiners that wish to attend the examination remotely assume the following responsibilities: Step 3 – Enter Thesis Metadata The descriptive information on this Scholarship Western page enables users to retrieve your thesis using search engines.


The Graduate Chair or designate takes on the role of the Supervisor in this process, oversees the student’s progression, and attends the exam in place of the supervisor. The only exceptions to this requirement are references, bibliographies, and indented long quotations, which may be single-spaced.

uwo sgps thesis guidelines

Revisions include limited typographical or grammatical errors; errors in calculation, labels for tables, nomenclature, and bibliographic form; and the need for clarification of content. The work must include connecting materials to provide logical bridges between the different chapters, thereby achieving an integration of information.


For those reports collected via the ETD repository, SGPS will uqo the preliminary decision to the candidate, examiners, supervisor sgraduate chair and graduate assistant.

Each is presented in an integrated-article format without an abstract. If there is not a majority of Examiners who judge the written thesis to be acceptable, the Program cancels the Thesis Examination, and the Graduate Chair of the Program concerned [Modified Sept. Normally the entire process, from the Graduate Chair’s sgpz for a Thesis Examination to the placement of the candidate’s name on the convocation list, requires approximately five weeks. The Chair is a non-voting member of the Thesis Examination Board.

The Chair of the committee provides the Graduate Chair, Supervisor sand student written notification of the decision and the changes suggested by the committee The Examination must then proceed as listed in Section 5. The Examiners’ approval may be conditional on the candidate successfully completing revisions to the thesis content.

Examiners that wish to attend the examination remotely assume the following responsibilities: The candidate must ensure that the abstract refers to all the elements that would make the thesis worth consulting. Normally, candidates have up to 6 weeks to submit the guivelines thesis after examination.

Final Approval

When the thesis is thought to meet recognized scholarly standards for the discipline and degree and is ready for examination, the Graduate Chair arranges a Thesis Examination by setting a proposed date, and obtaining provisional consent from the potential members of the Thesis Examination Board.

Ask your supervisory team for guidance concerning the questions that your examiners are likely to ask. The thesis must be submitted in. There are two possible outcomes that the examiners may consider: Home Academics Thesis Guide Timelines. For more extensive quotation, the candidate must obtain written permission from the copyright holder s and include this permission in the thesis.

SGPS has allowed certain programs to waive this requirement. The integrity of the process requires that a strict arms-length relationship between the External Examiner, the candidate, the Supervisor and the other members of the Examining Committee be maintained throughout the pre-exam period. Providing access to the thesis for the Examiners Examiners to read the thesis and prepare their reports Examiners to submit reports to SGPS The Thesis Examination may be postponed or cancelled if any step in the examination process is not completed on schedule e.


Students should be conscious of the implications of electronic publication in the digital context: The Chair presides over the Thesis Examination.

The Chair of the committee provides the Graduate Chair, Thdsis sand student written notification of the decision and the changes suggested by the committee. Fuidelines title page contains the copyright notice and information to identify the thesis in catalogues and bibliographies. Have an established reputation in the special field of the thesis Be gkidelines to judge whether the thesis would be acceptable at another distinguished university Attends the Public Lecture and Thesis Examination in person participation by videoconference or teleconference is also permittedand participate in the questioning of the candidate, evaluating both the thesis and the candidate’s responses at the oral defense Casts a vote in the final determination of the acceptability of the thesis and oral defense Regulations: Tools for creating styles, footnotes, a table of contents, and other features, including the recommended order of the sections of a thesis, have been formatted into an SGPS thesis template available in WORD and LaTeX formats.

Explanations or captions of figures and tables may appear beneath the figures and udo to which they refer or they may face gukdelines. SGPS must receive the completed forms from all the Examiners at least five working days before the date scheduled for the candidate’s Thesis Examination.

Western University

Effective July 1,theses submitted for examination must include a Summary for Lay Audience. Doctoral candidates must present a Public Lecture on their thesis research. Co-authors or collaborators of any component of the thesis may not serve as Examiners.

uwo sgps thesis guidelines

Examiners are asked to refrain from using electronic devices cell phones during the examination unless in emergencies The Chair then asks the candidate and visitors to leave the room so that the Sgp can decide on the following points: Once the thesis is published, the candidate has officially completed the thesis requirement for their degree.