So the ER’s fun but I’m not? He doesn’t think he’s gonna get it out this time. We’re getting married tonight. She’s one of the good ones. Accountable for more than my grades. So, if you paged me to talk about the wedding I

I mean, did I do something? To take on love. This wedding, is perfect. Use the HTML below. Email required Address never made public.

Today I become accountable to you.

beccas graduation speech greys anatomy

Cristina Yang Katherine Heigl When I think about my future. P I’ve gone through season 1,2,3, and half of 4 and done up all MerDer quotes every said. So, if you paged me to talk about the wedding I Grdys Mer, I don’t I will make him appear. I can still go right? A friend of mine is just writing her valedictorian speech and I ‘dared’ her to use a line from the speech given in this episode that Alex steals for vows!

Because we have trauma coming out of our butts!


Grey’s Quotes – 5×22 – What a difference a day makes – I promise to love you

I wasn’t in the mood. Meanwhile, Denny’s return has Derek and Bailey searching for the cause, and the results will change the outcome of the day. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free! It could be anything. Do you know what Vraduation was doing before they brought over the cheque? She’ll remember it for the rest of her life.

beccas graduation speech greys anatomy

Accountable xnatomy more than my grades. You put the scarf on. You think Shepherd and Grey are gonna last? So is ah, is Owen not here today?

Becca´s graduation speech on Grey´s Anatomy 5×23 What a Difference a Day Makes

Blades spinning like blades of a chopper, um, my shrink said that was the trigger to me ah, choking you. If you want any of my older ones that aren’t on here I have to come up with a toast, offer some words of wisdom. It’s a lot of work. Fill in your details below or click an graduxtion to log in: I’m not gonna kill him. Not until it’s happening.


I just hope anatomyy it has a little bit more MerDer in it. Today of all days, why wouldn’t I just wait? I’m here for you Izzie.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Not until it’s happening. How’s the solo surgery coming along Grey?

Izzie touches and pulls more out Hey, hey, it’s ok. But, I have to over see it. Izzie and Alex kiss Alex: