Akata marine shales characterised by marine facies Edeki, which consist of shale and silt lithology with uncommon dashes of sand of plausible turbidite stream cause Doust and Omotsola, were encountered in two wells across the field. PS-4 with average depth of 9, ft 2, m obviously falls within the middle Miocene age. Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 4 9 , Lithologic units in deltas are commonly unconsolidated sands and shales. Determining and assessing porosity- permeability connections for non-solidified sand and mud blends.

Three hydrocarbon reservoirs named A, B, C were identified and correlated within the parasequences. The petrophysical approach begun in the s, where reservoir attributes were determined using logs, cores, and well tests. Data collection Data source: This sparse hydrocarbon occurrence was also observed on the well logs, as only ALA 01 showed the presence of hydrocarbon. Flow unit characterization – Permeability and porosity relationship – FZI determination – Flow unit characterization – Well correlation. This ensures their correlation within time-stratigraphic framework. To receive news and publication updates for The Scientific World Journal, enter your email address in the box below.

interactive petrophysics thesis

Neutron and Density cross-plot was used to identify formation lithology Lithology Shale volume Tools: The ANN for permeability and porosity intearctive was constructed and used to predict permeability and porosity from well logging in the study area.

The following steps were done as follows: These parasequences were correlated across the study wells.


interactive petrophysics thesis

Petrophysical properties evaluated incorporate volume of shale, effective porosity, water saturation, hydrocarbon saturation, and reservoir permeability. Its base was not encountered in most of the wells.

Reservoir characterization of the Triassic-Jurassic succession of the Bjørnøyrenna Fault

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The same flow unit might have consistent petrophysical and fluid properties.

Data collection Data source: Each intercalation of sandstone and shale unit of the alternating successions varies from less than 30ft in thickness up to ft within the Agbada Formation.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Gamma ray index, IGR 3. Aspects of structure and sand depositional environment of sand bodies within Tomboy Field, offshore western Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Permeability — porosity plot was performed to show relationship between permeability and porosity in the hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs.

Integration of Seismic and Petrophysics to Characterize Reservoirs in “ALA” Oil Field, Niger Delta

Well Logging and Geology. The delta created at a particular portion of fracture triple intersection connected with fissure of the southern Atlantic started during Late Jurassic period and proceeded into the Cretaceous.

Sand A was the thickest reservoir in Bosso field while sand C was thinnest.

Resistivity values red matched against lithology GR log enables visual inference for hydrocarbon presence in the wells Figure 4. Student will benefit from working together with PhD candidates focusing on similar topics. This basin comprises three stratigraphic units of variable geologic characteristics. Contact AAU If you have any questions about research registration, dissemination or analysis at Aalborg University, you are always welcome to contact: North Malay basin characteristics Depth: The careful interpretation of geological processes capturing by well log data will lead to quantify reservoir qualities that linked to depositional footprints and diagenetic processes.


A new method for cement quantification. The lithofacies identified comprises paralic and shale sequences. It is faster interpretation than conventional interpretation.

Auth with social network: PS-4 with average depth of 9, ft 2, m obviously falls within the middle Miocene age. Total porosity t is characterised as the aggregate sum of voids in a rock volume Figure 3. Fig 1 Application of ANN of well logging.

Elselvier, 5Oxford, United Kingdom. The work was carried out using Terastation software. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Interpretations of the depositional environment were established based on the signature comparison of core log, core data, gamma ray log and resistivity log.

ANN prediction model continued ANN permeability model – Performance error – Selected permeability models – Regression analysis – Test performance error – Well-3 permeability prediction result.

Core analysis from a selected well Software: American Association of Petroleum Geologists.