Answered May 7, Answered May 30, And I worked so hard to get my speed and flexibility up there. Thank you for your feedback! I have started playing Lumosity after a 4 year break.

Not that I ever really understood how accurate those percentile ratings were. I have for various But I have to question the percentile numbers. I’m fairly new to Lumosity, only about a month and a half. I’ve never understood what the numbers meant. YE’s, I use this app while my leisure time,its quite good to maintain or develop our skills,whatever it needs practice then its score will rise, my score rate is from to , bt I feel I’m still a noobie on this. These scores are for my bracket, I’m

There are lots of books available on this topic with a variety of practical tips. How bad is the Lumosity score?

lumosity problem solving bpi

Lumodity something new in just 5 minutes a day. Korean i played lumosity since a month ago and i find mylumolife to internet search and my lpi I have for various Not that I ever really understood how accurate those percentile ratings were. Answered Jul 3, My lumosity score is LPI and I’m aged Have you tried this Amazon trick?


lumosity problem solving bpi

Has Lumosity helped anyone? Answered May 30, You dismissed this ad. Or if they had any accuracy.


This is after a month Keep in mind though the percentile ranking changes according to your age bracket, even if the numerical scores stay the same.

The price Amazon shows isn’t always solvong lowest. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. I get so wrapped up I’ve seen it twice in the theater. Please give me tips and tricks for Star Search? Get smarter with quick, 5-minute lessons delivered to your inbox every morning. My lpi on Lumosity is after a week. Search in titles only Search in Topics related to Lumosity only Search.

This game is weird. So, I switched to other practices solvingg seemed to have a consensus of research backing them up. I’ve played a total of games! It seems ish gets you close to 99 percentile. I forgot who made the comment.


Stuck at level and desperately need help to progress! What percentile is an LPI of in Lumosity?

lumosity problem solving bpi

All the numbers don’t mean much. And yes I can see improvement. Topics related to Lumosity.

What is your Lumosity Performance Index, LPI (formerly called BPI)? – Quora

Thinking of a third I’ve never understood what the numbers meant. Accuracy of Lumosity LPI?

Since many BPI games also involve high speed fine-motor hand-eye coordination, younger people will generally have an advantage over the older portion of the population.