Gemelo, and Nova Andrea B. Malunggay flowers are cooked and eaten either mixed with other foods or fried in batter. Virgin oils often maintain their natural flavor and color. The mixture was filtered and poured into the desired containers. This will benefit other researchers who wish to have similar studies as they can get background information from the result of this study which will serve as template to modify their research. Some people also prefer to use the cheaper kinds of oil not knowing that such can affect their health. Conceptual Literature This part expresses the topics relevant to the study.

Basis for health education. Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab. Moringa is especially promising as a food source in the tropics because the tree is in full leaf at the end of the dry season when other foods are typically scarce. In this study, it refers to the product that will be produced from malunggay leaves extract. Such references are books, PDF files and different websites from the internet.

In a Galvanic maounggay, there are two endpoints or terminals of a device that produces electrical current and these are the anode and the cathodes.

malunggay leaves thesis

On the other hand, this parameter includes whether the product has been able to cook the food properly or has produced uncooked food. Tools, equipment, and ingredients used in the study Table 1.

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It is 8 meters high or less and its leaves are 25 to 50 centimeters long and its pods are 15 to 30 centimeters long. They harness the electrical energy available from the electron transfer in a redox reaction to perform useful electrical work.


Crude Extract As Fuel. Other procedures are recommended for the production to be easier. Batangas City Civil Status: Additionally, when the leaves are heated and spread on cloth, it can stop a shallow cut from bleeding once placed on the skin. According to Blakstad, experimental method, also called empirical research, is a data based research coming up with the solution which is capable of being verified with observation or experiments.

Nutritional contents of malunggay Malunggay plant comprises exceptional nutritional qualities that can benefit people so much.

malunggay leaves thesis

Synthesis This aims to summarize the major findings and implications of the studies presented in this research study. It presents the studies of different professionals with regards to the subject matter. Some people struggle to choose the right cooking oil because of the price. With the data gathered by the researchers from the studies above, the researchers were able to generate new ideas for the study.

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Evaluation Planning for the evaluation of the product that will be produced is the first procedure to evaluate a product.

Some other alternatives can even affect the health of the consumers. Lastly, this parameter refers to how laborious the methods are to make the product. This process was done one hour after the product has been made so that malungtay study htesis be more credible and reliable and can also prove how effective the alternative cooking oil will be.

When looking for alternatives, it is now common for people to turn to nature for answers. This research undertaking intends to answer the following questions: Fig 6 Malunggay oil and water Amounts of malunggay oil did not mix with the water. There are bountiful sources of malunggay in the South America, Caribeean and South Asia, especially in the Philippines.


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What is the significance of Malunggay as an additive in polvoron? The leavess include bleaching, filtering, and high- temperature heating to extract and eliminate those extraneous compounds. Razon, Luis F et al. The study utilized the two groups before and after quasi-experimental design to determine the effectiveness of guava and malunggay leaves decoction in the promotion of wound healing after three 3 days application.

The Potential of Malunggay Leaf Extract Essay

It refers to a plant commonly known as moringa in English and malunggay or kamunggay in Filipino. It can also relieve headache and migraine, manage sugar level, reduce levaes of tendons, heal ulcers and can even lraves the growth of tumors Bernardo. According to Blakstad, experimental method, also called empirical research, is a data based research coming up with the solution which is capable of being verified with observation or experiments.

Preparation of the Output The methods used in the study were based on the planned procedures that the researchers followed. Table 2 shows the ingredients and treatment used in the study.

Crude Extract as Fuel”.

malunggay leaves thesis

It also has the ability to grow fast and large even on poor soil “Countries where Moringa grows”.