This document is sent to store incharge and approved by: In order to have exactly the required minimum balance at the end of February, Samson must: The sales price is Rs. The numbers of equivalent units as to material, using FIFO method would be: This means per one hour usage of machine whichever product maximizes the contribution silentlips gmail. The desired beginning and ending inventories of lumber are 10, and 20, board feet, respectively.

They are fully occupied in their usual department and sub-contracting staff would have to be brought in to undertake the work left behind. Using the average cost method, what are the equivalent units of silentlips gmail. The company currently producing product S the standard cost details of which are given below: How much was the per-unit contribution margin? Work-in-process, May 1 46, 78, silentlips gmail.

Materials 5, Kgs at 0. If the constraint is machine hours to produce, then which one of the both product a company should produce and sell? What would be the budgeted overhead at a capacity level of yerm, units? Issues are then recorded at this weighted average price.


mgt402 final term paper

Like a company wanted to producepieces of computer but skilled labor available is able to produce only. The amount of direct labor that should be mht402 for is: The variable cost for each unit is Rs.

Identify the components of break even chart. Bruce has budgeted sales of Rs. The total sales value for these 80 units was Rs.

The company budgeted sales for the year were Rs. To view the term papers for finsl subject, please click the subject of required past paper below:. They are fully occupied in their usual department and sub-contracting staff would have to be brought in to undertake the work left behind.

mgt402 final term paper

Prepare income statement of year 2 under absorption costing. One item it sells is a small table that sells for Rs. The cost of Rs.

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The firm has a cash balance of Rs. An income statement for last year follows: The costs associated with this would amount to Rs. It is sales value of a cost unit minus its variable cost and therefore, finsl amount remaining to cover Fixed Expenses and generate profit Question No: How many equivalent units are produced? The variable costs related to the table, including product and shipping costs, are Rs.


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By definition, an opportunity cost is one which measures the cost of sacrificing one course of action in favour of another. Download mgt final term 9. Required Produce a revised costing schedule for the special project based on relevant costing principles. Click here to sign up. What was the apportioned cost for JP3. The january1 finished goods inventory will be units.

mgt402 final term paper

Each table requires 10 bd. These will be incurred regardless of trem decision. An extra sale of Rs. During February, Superior started 80, gallons of paint. Home Books About us Contact Us. The margin of safety for the company for May was: What was the cost of direct materials in ending inventory?