How have assertions of religious identity challenged definitions of political identity? Number of Awards Up to four. A complete application consists of the following distinct parts: Alex is interested in researching architecture as a permanent embodiment of political and economic power, especially in areas of diverse cultural amalgamation. Immigration and the Challenge to National Identities.

Drop In Advising Hours: Jacob Coen Nanovic Graduate Fellow jcoen nd. Before coming to Notre Dame, Moritz earned a B. The Nanovic Institute may or may not choose—at its discretion—to award declined fellowships to another applicant. Her dissertation research aims to understand the underlying complexities and variations in self-identification processes of minority migrant groups. The Bewilderment Around Brexit Ed. For more information about the Paul G.

Religion and the Secular State. All Graduate Grants will be awarded as reimbursements, after students return and complete the expense reporting process. How dissertatiion such challenges be met both effectively and in a way that respects human dignity? Currently, Moritz investigates the role of uncertainty in international politics through a case study of Anglo-German relations during the s. She is especially interested legal pluralism.

nanovic dissertation fellowship

The Bewilderment Around Brexit Ed. Please note that application materials will not be returned. The situation of eastern European Christianity is especially interesting in the consideration of such questions. Broadly speaking, his research interests include international relations nahovic, security studies, and grand strategy with a particular regional focus on western Europe.

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European Integration and the Fate of the EU. Sevda holds an M.


nanovic dissertation fellowship

Graefrath Nanovic Graduate Fellow mgraefra nd. By investigating trans-European writers such as Joseph Conrad and Samuel Beckett as well as prophetical voices such as Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, Kurt plans to show how privacy is interwoven into the content as well as the form of twentieth-century fiction. Sevda is a linguistic and sociocultural anthropologist specializing in mobility and ethnic minority studies.

Applicants who have not completed their pre-dissertation requirements by the deadline may still apply, but they must produce this letter of qualification no later than the final day of the spring term in order to maintain eligibility.

The Institute still welcomes other projects that show a clear connection to Europe and European studies and will support them.

Sevda Arslan Nanovic Graduate Fellow sarslan nd. In Britain, for instance, passport laws, income tax, widespread conscription, and the welfare state established individuals as accountable citizens and essentially made it illegal for them not to be recorded. By looking at Scots in Reformed Presbyterian communities, Foster uncovers a level turmoil unnoticed by previous scholars.

He specializes in international relations. Only students with approved dissertation topics may apply, and applicants must have completed all pre-dissertation requirements or be scheduled to complete them by the end of the academic year.

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Scholars have long argued that Scottish loyalty to Britain prevented unification from producing a revolutionary backlash. For guidance about the grant process, contact: He specializes in international relations. What has been the fate of such projects, and how can they be improved? The Institute has developed a new program to bring graduate students in European studies more closely into its life and operation. Once accepted, fellowship recipients are expected to devote full attention to their dissertation and therefore may not accept other employment on- or off-campus for the fellowship year.


Jacob Coen Nanovic Graduate Fellow jcoen nd. Throughout the year, fellowship recipients must periodically provide the Diszertation Institute with report letters detailing their dissertation work and the progress being made.

Jake Coen studies violence and political rhetoric. Letters are required at the beginning, the midpoint, and the end of the fellowship year; full details about this requirement will be communicated at the time of award. Drop In Advising Feellowship Please contact Chris Stump, Student Coordinator, at cstump nd.

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Kurt earned a B. Drause spent last year tracking down documents and materials in far-flung archives in Siberia itself, supported by the Fulbright Commission. Alex Athenson Nanovic Graduate Fellow aathenso nd.