The course includes works written in English and translations from Western and non-Western Jewish Literatures. Literature provides a vast account of how the natural world is represented, treated, understood, and further, misused or abused. Cross-listed with Women’s Studies, English is designed to meet the “literary knowledge and experience” requirements of the Loyola Core. This course is a study of the mythological roots of literatures such as Greek, Roman, Indian, African, and Chinese mythology, tales from the Bible, and folk material such as ballads, fables, and proverbs. We will read a short novel each week and the course will survey the long arch of the American novel from the mid-nineteenth to the twenty-first century.

The emphasis is on analyzing literature as a way of developing personal style. Students explore the variety of literature written by women from various cultures. In this course we will use a number of different Ecocritical approaches to explore and interpret different pieces of fiction. After that, the seminar will be concerned with the following topics, among others: This course examines images of women from various feminist, historical, and cultural studies perspectives.

Engaging, supportive and challenging, this course is ideal for writers in any discipline who wish to become better writers and to enjoy the process as they do so. In this course we will explore some of the best horror fiction and try to figure out just how and why these stories produce such exciting preariting pleasurable effects.

Writing is an integral component of the course. This course is a study of children’s literature as it responds to children’s aesthetic as well as developmental needs. Students are expected to complete one of the following: Additionally, ESL sections of ENG are offered to prewritung in need of focused language acquisition work in writing.

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It examines literary productions in specific cultural and historical contexts. Prewritign course examines narrative conventions used in both literature and fill as well as what is unique to each art. It enables students to appreciate literary development in relation to modern Jewish thought, culture, and creativity.


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Graded work will include occasional quizzes, a midterm and final exam, and two short pg. How have our values as a society impacted the way social classes have been formed throughout history? This is a core course that will teach the fundamentals about critical thinking, reading, and writing. This class will provide an introduction to the understanding and analysis of poetry through the study of a wide range of poems in English.

This is a foundational course that introduces key literary and critical terms and explores a variety of critical approaches to the analysis and interpretation of literature.

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Our discussion of literary texts will be complemented by films, visual art and essays. Rowling, among others, to get a sense of pfrsonal conceptions of social class have changed—or not—over time.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

We will examine the cultural context from which each text emerges, as well as the new world each text creates. One of the following: The course will also examine the work of established writers of various races, religions, genders, colors and times.

Our study will range from plays that observe the unity of time to those that make use of non-linear time and will examine the reasons for both kinds of temporal structures. Do these genres ever intersect?

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Other learners are international visitors, or immigrants or refugees whose skills in their native language range from their being highly educated professionals to being perhaps illiterate, even in their own language, and who may know some English or no English.

Students will gain extensive experience with the practice of close reading, attending to the form of the text as well as personap its content.


personal essay prewriting eng/220

Content, themes, and film production are studied in historical context. Style, strategy, and format in published samples prewritibg workplace writing are analyzed. The workshop element of the course includes in-class collective and collaborative writing experiments, prompts for writing in between sessions, and presentations of student poetry for review by the group.

Students study concepts including characterization, narrative, genre, form, symbolism and convention in both media. Why do people enjoy reading stories about made-up characters? Advanced language skills and flexibility with advanced sentence eessay, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions are stressed so that students develop correct, clear, and coherent self-expression. Writing is an integral component of the course, as is the use of other media, including art, music, and film.

Students read and analyze the impact of psychoanalytical theory on works of literature, focusing on issues such as human consciousness and behavior. Students will read and examine representational pieces of autobiographical writing in order to assess how authors characterize themselves, their life choices, and their views of the world through prose.

It examines literary productions in specific cultural and historical contexts. We prrwriting investigate such competing and synergistic concepts as Decadence, Symbolism, and Imagism, and the conceptions of modernity, the cultural politics, and the poetic techniques associated with them.

Readings will include novels written by authors from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, as well as some supplementary theoretical essays.