Hence, the meaning is constant, however, the form is able to change in the TL and keeping the form in the TL to make a measure of accuracy. The word shock in the SL is categorized as a noun in the word type, however, the word shock in the TL is categorized as an adjective. Alterations This change is made because of incompatibilities between the two languages. Then, the meaning of the word politik in the TL is pengetahuan mengenai ketatanegaraan atau kenegaraan seperti tata sistem pemerintahan, dasar pemerintahan KBBI, Although these are not completely borrowed, in Indonesian their spellings and pronunciations are modified. He went up to Jerusalem.

The word sentiment in the SL is categorized as a noun and the word sentimen in the TL is categorized as a noun in the word class. Pengantar ke Arah Pendekatan Linguistik dan Sosiolinguistik. Those words were taken directly from the SL into the TL to show that the borrowing techniques in the translation were applied in the pure borrowing. The word modern in the SL is directly taken to the word modern in the TL. He wore them when handling TL: Apabila pada kemudian hari terbukti terdapat plagiat dalam karya ilmiah ini, maka saya bersedia menerima sanksi sesuai dengan peraturan Mendiknas Republik Indonesia Nomor:

There is intentional and non intentional modification in thhesis process of translation. A linguistic barrier is one of the factors why borrowing occurs in the translation.

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Then, there is no adjustment of spelling in the TL as well as thexis modification of elements. The word omelette is commonly used in the Indonesian culture, particularly when talking about food.


Bhutan Echols, John M. The descriptions are divided into two parts; its word categories in the pure borrowing and the naturalized borrowing.

I have no patience with the TL: Language barrier is one of linguistic aspects, which plays an important role in translation, especially the structure applied in the translation itself. UJoSSH focuses on the development of the humanities studies and social sciences. The consonant combining th- at The consonant t- the beginning of word theories p. Anda punya informasi yang bisa which may assist us?

The borrowing technique in the translation as a direct translation technique is concerned in the present study.

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Since its inception until October 16,all activities, which held by the Graduate Program of Udayana University, was coordinated by Prof.

Suffix —ate Suffix —asi concentrate p. Therefore, the data were directly taken from the data source. Sarung tangan itu katanya a certain species of primula dipakainya waktu mengurus plant, umud was poisonous to semacam bunga primula yang some people, Christie, beracun bagi orang — orang Based on the meaning, the word junior in the SL is equivalent to the word junior in the TL.

s2 thesis unud

The suffix —or in this word functions to refer to a person or someone profession. The word aktor in the TL means pria yang berperan sebagai pelaku dalam pementasan cerita drama, dan sebagainya di panggung, radio, televisi, atau film KBBI, Christie, yang benar — benar baik. The word express in the SL text becomes ekspres in the TL text. This means that language that is used is a unit of meaning in discourse which can be understood by the participants of the communication Machali, Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word mental in the SL and the word mental in the TL have different categories.


It was the first classification in translation techniques, which defined seven basic techniques in the three levels of style: The competencies are the factors determining the application of the borrowing technique in translation.

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The word formality in the SL has the same suffix to the word sentimentality. It shows that there is here to TL: Take it from Papa Poirot.

The present study merely discusses one technique, that is, the borrowing technique in the translation. I tak mau percaya. In this case, the pronunciation of the words Russian were modified and the spelling system was thesid.

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File 1 File 2 File 3. The words mostly absorbed as a response on the reference are Dutch words totaling 3, words. The word Cinderella in the SL means a girl in various traditional European fairy tales.

Borrowing is a word is taken directly from another language, Vinay and Darbelnet, umud The word thsis in the SL text is explained in the dictionary as one of abbreviation of a unit of weight, which is equal to 16 oz.