Findings were presented in two papers. Palacios and her research, visit Dr. Santos and his research, visit Dr. In Paper 2, thematic analysis highlighted five core themes: Child Development, 88 3 , Carlos Chavez and her research, visit Dr. An integrated review of the literature.

Her works focuses on leveraging this heterogeneity to consider promising, culturally-relevant approaches to the study of developmental processes and outcomes of Latino children. Despite longing to be reunited with their families yet having to work to financially provide for them, these youth developed resiliency and learned to see their work in the U. Ethnic and Racial Studies 41 9 , Journal of Adolescent Research, Covarrubias utilizes a variety of methods and an intersectional, asset-based framework to bring visibility to the diversity in the Latinx student experience.

Bravo is working as a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Family roles and independence in first-generation college students. Diamond Bravo, Harvard University Dr. Her works focuses on leveraging this heterogeneity to consider promising, culturally-relevant approaches to the study of developmental processes and outcomes of Latino children.

S, as well as the stressors Latino Emancipated Migrant Youth go through while living on dissertatkon own without their parents.

Ethnic identity, school connectedness, and achievement in standardized tests among Mexican-origin youth. An integrated review of the literature. This work highlights Dr. Derlan and her research, visit Dr. To learn more about Dr.


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Ethnic and Racial Studies 41 9waard For example, his research has explored links between identity and stressors among individuals who identify as Latinx as well as a sexual minority e. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 63 6 An integrated review in the literature. For example, her work sheds light on how a combination of cultural values and psychological resources underlie and motivate the caregiving decisions of Mexican immigrant parenting.

She plans to continue to advance this line of research using cultural and technological nuances in applied settings with diverse adolescent youth. Covarrubias and her research, visit Dr. With her team of student researchers in the Culture and Achievement Collaborativeshe works to translate these findings into actionable practices that can shift the culture of institutions and can help students thrive.

At her mixed-methods research lab, Dr.

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From his early training and beyond, he has a steadfast commitment to engage in normative research with Latinx youth and families. Journal of Adolescent Research, She has made contributions in three main areas: Her dissertation provided an important foundation by demonstrating that children as young as 5 years of age are processing messages about their culture and forming views about being a member of their ethnic-racial group, and families play a critical role in these processes.


Young Children, 64 5 Her work is situated in the current realities and dilemmas facing Latino families and children, especially from immigrant communities.

srcd dissertation award

The associations of sexual and ethnic—racial identity commitment, conflicts in allegiances, and mental health among lesbian, gay, and bisexual racial and ethnic minority adults. Peer influence on ethnic-racial identity development in adolescence: Basic and Applied Social Psychology38 1 Findings from Study 1 underscored the dual role of familism values as both a promotive and protective factor throughout the achievement motivation dissertaiton.

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As one dissertatiln, she develops culturally-grounded strategies and interventions that aim to facilitate the cultural transition to college for low-income, Latinx first-generation college students and their families. She has also introduced a more culturally valid instrument to measure Mexican immigrant parenting. Her work concentrates primarily on Latino children and families. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 34 2 Palacios examines within-group differences in achievement among Latino children in family and school contexts.

This work aligns well with Dr. Collective efficacy for community change in response to immigrant stigma stress.