Seth admits to smoking pot in Sandy’s office. TV Series The Graduates Seth’s like oh by the way Sadly, I think Marissa would have been Marissa. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Ryan gets some money for giving a pawn shop guy a pearl necklace. Apparently he has to see her before he becomes Bandito Volchock after he crosses the border. TV Series The Graduates Summer gives her blessing and makes her promise to sail to Rhode Island. Volchock has been taken over by the Crazy. Sandy makes sure that Seth is cleared with the D.

So what if it was the driver’s side that was smashed in?

taylors graduation speech the oc

I’m for sure spwech watching next year becuase who the F ck cares! Taylor is worrying about her valedictorian speech. The kids spilt up from everyone for one last hangout. Ryan replies with an excellently delivered “Biotch! Marissa is offered a job by her father to travel in a ship.

Tortilla Chips and Milk: The O.C. The Graduates (Paj likes the show again)

braduation Summer admits that she had the hots for Ryan but it was “EW” when she found out he was from Chino. Is it possible to take a online course on just your iPhone? Summer and Marissa discuss Marissa’s dad for a bit. They actually splash around in the pool and have fun and act like kids.


taylors graduation speech the oc

Monday, May 22, The O. Sandy makes sure that Seth is cleared with the D. Meanwhile, the kids are preparing for graduation. Sandy shocks Kirsten by making a big decision after visiting his old Public Defender’s office. The Cohens and the Roberts have a nice graduation sitdown dinner. Seth arrives home and Ryan tries to convince him to come clean about burning down the Newport Group offices. Seth gets into Speecn and the Cohen’s are happy.

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Names are called, diplomas are handed out. Newer Post Older Post Home.

taylors graduation speech the oc

And to Taylor’s joy, the “core four” turns into the “fab five. Flashdance flounders and Caitlin lets him off the hook. He does say he wants to be the last one to say goodbye They then mess around in a cardboard box.

Ryan still faces the fears and threats of Volchok. Marissa whines that she has nothing else and would rather peel potatoes than stay and see everyone else move on. Seth must deal with the ramifications of his recent actions.

Taylor comes back with not so subtle innuendo that her Korean Take Out date and his Korean Take out friend enjoyed as Taylor called spedch a “Korean barbecue” As they leave it turns out Volchock has been waiting the whole time. It’s for Marissa and it’s flat so it’s not a bomb. But amidst the speeches and toasts, nothing is ever simple in Newport.


Seth must confront his recent misdeeds or deal with the wrath of Sandy – and the police. The actual graduation happens and like any graduation that isn’t yours, it’s completely a snore.

What is the valedictorian speech from the OC?

Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. I was hoping she would say garduation dad owes some guy lots of money so he’s selling me into slavery, but no luck. The end of senior year is finally here, bringing the excitement of graduation and the anticipation of new lives in college and beyond.