This article is based upon experimental findings by Kirembwe which investigated the problem among students of Arabic as a second language in Malaysian secondary schools in applying Arabic writing skills. All text must be double- spaced and justified. Remember me on this computer. Roman numerals 1, ii, iii, etc. Since the hypothetical goal is to understand factors influencing productivity of Arabic language programs, it is suggested that Malaysian Arabic teacher should properly observe factors influencing the acquisition of Arabic language in their respective regions. These difficulties originate from the unique factors

The same research observed correlations of mean scores on Arabic writing skills and mean scores soft skills before and after treatment. Kajian ini telah dijalankan terhadap orang pelajar tahun dua dan tiga program Sarjana Muda Bahasa Arab Dan Komunikasi. Remember me on this computer. Thus, Luganda activities can hardly reach modern linguistic competence that deems necessary for meaningful developments. Log In Sign Up.

The goal is foemat revive all Arabic language activities. It is suggested that scientific approach can help Malaysian Arabic teachers to understand the efficiency of Arabic programs they run. Among factors underlying Islamic translation are: Iri hati seseorang kepada orang lain, menandakan ia ingin seperti orang tersebut, namun ia tidak mampu sepertinya, dan hakikatnya ia orang yang tidak mengakui adanya takdir ilahi.

Registration and Bench Fees. A theoretical framework of learning organizations developed by the researcher is used in this research.

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Sesungguhnya Allah Maha mengetahui segala sesuatu. Thus, Luganda activities can hardly reach modern linguistic competence that deems necessary for meaningful developments.


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Thus students achieve low scores in their Arabic papers. Master of Counseling Substance Abuse. The faculty is established for the following objectives.

Doctor Of Philosophy degree Each candidate is required to submit a thesis of not more thanwords. Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3 are used on the pages of the text and supplementary sections. In conclusion, it is hoped that the thesls of this study will be the new beginning that can be expanded and developed to a higher market level. To foster the positive spirit of competitiveness in students and scholars at local and international levels, together with the sense of respects, high endurance and independence in order to instil values of modern and progressive Muslims.

The final copy of the thesis must be hardbound in black with gold letterings. Now they are undergoing their first year at the Faculty which started on 3 July It provides Muslims with guidance in human relationships as well as organises the structure thwsis Human Resource Management. thesix

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Faculty of Leadership and Management Cafeteria. Master of Muamalat Administration.

usim thesis format

The questionnaire was used as a tool to get to know the reality of the existence of the requirements of the learning organization on a sample consisting of of the workers in basic education schools. This paper analyzes the fact that translating texts Thus, the paper aims to further elaborate that translating literature texts differs from that of other kinds of writings, due to the different ways in which text is applied.


To produce graduates who comprehensively understand the Islamic thinking in aqidah, syariah and ethic based on the Holy Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah. Results of the study proved that many Libyans fighters may have suffered from psychological and emotional disorder. The proper diagnoses of factors influencing acquisition of Arabic language skills should be one of leading steps for Arabic teachers to take before making conclusions on their respective Arabic language programs.

Confirmation of Degree Conferred. The purpose of this study is investigate the effect of post-traumatic disorder for formay physically affected in the 17th February, Libyan Revolution, and how causes in lack of psychological adjustment.

Hence, this first analysis was conducted without considering influences of the selected experimental conditions. Fees For Master By Coursework. Objective To offer degree programmes at the Master and Doctor of Philosophy levels. Faculty of Leadership and Management.

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All typing must be double spacing between lines. A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis. Such comparative observations will help them to achieve better results in the Arabic programs.

usim thesis format

Di antara tujuan penubuhan USIM ialah memartabatkan pendidikan Islam serta membawanya ke dalam arus perdana pendidikan negara dan menekankan penggunaan teknologi maklumat dalam sistem pengajaran dan penyelidikannya.

This has a negative effect tuesis and social order for the survivors of trauma.